[Con Report] Ronin Expo ’22

Ronin Expo 2022 took place on August 13, 2022 at the Budokan Terasaki Center in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. The event was postponed from their usual early June date to make way for a new location.  This is a local one-day event that draws in otaku from all over Southern California. The nice thing about the date change is that Ronin Expo also coincided with Nisei Week in Little Tokyo. This meant otaku can enjoy both Ronin Expo and the cultural festival at the same time.

Health Protocol: The safety and health policy for Ronin Expo was posted on their Facebook page a few days before the convention requiring masks indoors and proof of vaccination.

Note: We were asked to do a panel for Ronin Expo. We’re always happy to help out this local for fans by fans con.


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