[Con Report] SDCC ’22: Back to Life

San Diego Comic Con 2022 came back full force to downtown San Diego on July 21 – 24, 2022. The event brought in 135,000 returning attendees who had their 2019 ticket transferred over, or the lucky ones with big bucks who bought the auctioned off tickets to help support the Comic Con Museum. Hollywood came back to host a few panels in Hall H, but it wasn’t quite crowded as previous years. However, Comic Con International still had a ton of fan panels and things to do offsite. You don’t need a seat in Hall H to have an amazing San Diego Comic Con Experience.

This is Jay’s first time attending San Diego Comic Con. This is my first time since 2008. Comic Con had asked us to run a panel on the History of Giant Robots in Anime.


Report: Back to Life

Gallery: Thursday and Friday

Gallery: Saturday and Sunday

Podcast: Convention Tea

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