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Wonder Con 2022 came and went. We were mainly there to run panels and then catch a red eye flight to Orlando thereafter. We always appreciate any opportunity to present at Wonder Con. 

Wonder Con 2022 required vaccination and masking up. Attendees were asked to wear masks indoors for attendee safety. Cosplayers and photographers ran photoshoots outside of the convention center in the lush garden area and in the outdoor fountains. 

The vibe of Wonder Con 2022 was very different from previous Anaheim outings. Wonder Con felt like a light Friday from previous years. The con was definitely pricier than 2019. Most people I talked to preferred to save up for the upcoming Star Wars Celebration, San Diego Comic Con, or D23 Expo.

Wonder Con had a breathable dealer’s hall. It was spread out and it was easy to navigate the aisle-ways. One can find cosplay weapons and props, geeky themed t-shirts, books, classic comics, and more. It is important to note, much like Comic Con Special Edition, the presence of the major comic book companies, Marvel and DC, did not have a presence in the exhibition hall. 

Funko Pop held the title of having a prominent presence. They toy collector company had a beach party theme in their booth. If you wanted check it out, you had to make a reservation to see what it was all about. While I was curious to check out the party, I had limited time to be a part of the hype. 

There was also a huge presence of indie authors; they had a full hall to themselves. I wished I had more time to check out each indie author booth. However, I did get a book about mythology from one of the vendors to keep me company on my red eye flight. 

The cosplay vibe was a variety of mixed media. I saw a lot of Disney and Marvel cosplayers. On the eastern media side, I saw a lot of Genshin Impact cosplayers. I went in cosplaying as Relena from Gundam Wing and Mirabel from Encanto. My Mirabel was very popular with the kiddos. I always appreciate kids wanting to meet Mirabel! (I guess I’m a friend of Mirabel now?)

The overall vibe of Wonder Con 2022 was a community trying to get back on its feet and returning to some normality. There were limited premieres and “Hollywood” panels, but I didn’t mind so much. Wonder Con was a pretty awesome experience with the little time we had to spare, but I’m glad we went. Overall, Wonder Con 2022 was a good con and we’re always happy to support them!

We hope to see you at San Diego Comic Con!

Written by Dame Aznable
IG: @damescarletaznable
Twitter: @dameaznable
TikTok: @damescarletaznable

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