[Con Report] LACC ’21: Rockferry

LA Comic Con took place on December 3-5, 2021 at the LA Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles. This was a highly anticipated convention among Southern California nerdfolk. While San Diego Comic Con’s special edition show was a lighter, less crowded fare, LACC proved to be much more crowded and had a bigger celebrity presence of Hollywood A-listers, voice actors, talking heads, and more. LACC was the place to be to meet celebs from the MCU, Star Wars, Star Trek, among others.

Scarlet Rhapsody covered Days 2 and 3 of LA Comic Con. We managed to attain press credentials at the last minute after hearing the cast of Cobra Kai was going to make an appearance. However…well…read more about that here:

LA Comic Con Vibes: Mercy

LA Comic Con To Do:  Distant Dreamer

Gallery: Facebook

Podcast: Convention Tea


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