[One Shots] Justice League International #12

Justice League International #12 (New 52)

Writer – Dan Jurgens

Pencils – Aaron Lopresti

Justice League International 12

One of the series I was excited to see get a reboot in the New 52 was Justice League International.  However, the reboot never lived up to the original in my eyes.  The team did not seem to have the cohesion of the older team and the altered roster did not add anything new or unique to the series until it was too late.  While the series had some problems it was not entirely bad, but it did not do well on the charts and was put up on the chopping block with three other titles to make room for the “third wave” of 52 titles.  This issue marks the end of the series with the exception of the Annual issue coming out in September.


This story takes place after the conclusion of a battle with domestic terrorists in issue 11.  The team has gathered for a funeral for one of their fallen teammates.  At the cemetery the team is attacked by the brother of one of the fallen terrorists who comes seeking revenge.  Thankfully, the plot of this issue is not focused on this fight, but more on the idea of moving on after dark times.  This issue leaves on an emotional high note as the team puts the past behind them and looks toward the future.  Hopefully the annual issue with not ruin this fine conclusion.

Justice League International 12

The artwork is great in this book which reflects the great artwork of the entire series.  Characters look good, the setting is detailed, and the cover is well done.  The action feels a little disjointed, but it is far from terrible.  There are a few nice moments in this issue that show off the artwork including a frame of Booster and Godiva holding hands, the team gathered at the end, and the placement of Batman in the shadows.

Justice League International 12

This book is the kind of conclusion I like to see.  While the fight felt unnecessary it all tied into the main theme of moving on and pushing forward in life after a tragedy.  While Justice League international was not up to my expectations it still had potential to become a really good series.  The series as a whole is like a mediocre remake of a really good movie.  Not bad, but it just cannot live up to the original.  While I do question some choices made in this series I can also name several other New 52 titles more deserving of cancellation than JLI.

Justice League International

If you have been reading JLI then you will not be disappointed in this conclusion.  The series as a whole might be enjoyed by fans of Booster Gold or Guy Gardner, but fans of the original series should give this a pass.  If you are looking for a Justice League with a more exciting mix of characters then check out the original series as well as Justice League Europe.


Final Verdict:

3 out of 5 – A great conclusion to a mediocre series

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