[Kagami Explains] Raymond Moves In

So, a sassy kitty named Raymond now lives on my island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

I admit, this is my first bout playing with cute animals in this life simulator outside of Pocket Camp for mobile devices. The world is on lockdown. People are buying Switches off the shelves and living their best virtual lives in the Matrix that is New Horizons.

Raymond is a popular villager and highly coveted. When I first started playing, I would have been happy to get any kitty in my village of Löwenbräu. I was happy when I found Felicity during my island tour. I gave her a good home. I was happy to find Bud. I was happy to have the friendly folks in the AC comms associate me with Ankha in various “drop a selfie and comment which AC character that you remind me of.”

While on my lunch break, I logged into my Switch. Isabelle made an announcement that we had a new camper over in Fort Wilderness. I decided to check it out.

Low and behold, it’s Raymond! Okay, I had to make a few things happen to ensure he would stick around. It couldn’t happen without the power of friendship and persistence.

Time to commence Operation: Here Kitty Kitty…

The good news is that I did have Cylde in boxes the day of Raymond’s arrival. However, I did save an extra plot of land if I had any chance encounters with villagers I really wanted. I went to Tom Nook to secure some land. Voila! Beach front property is set for Raymond!

I figure by having open land available this would trigger move in dialogue the next time I talk to Raymond.

It’s not that simple.

The key is persistence.

Raymond will talk to you about fame, his misconceptions about camping, etc. Eventually, he will want to to play a few games. He will play a card game with you where you will need to either guess the suite or the color of the suite. The first round is a tutorial. I was 1 for 3. If you won, you would win some clothes off of him. I thought I had lost this game, but there was no prior dialogue wherein he expressed he wanted to move in.

I had a friend visit my island. She talked to Raymond and mentioned that in their conversation he wanted to move in. I closed my gates to hopefully trigger the move in dialogue.  With persistence and a few clicks of the A button, I was able to trigger the move-in dialogue.

Raymond will play is card game. In this case, I had to guess if the suite was red or black. In one turn, I was able to guess successfully. He then agreed to move in. He took care of the paperwork with Tom Nook.

And he’s officially a Löwenbräu resident! It was nice to wake up to this dialogue when I started the next day.

Raymond moved into the new plot with the beachfront property. He showed up in boxes to his forever home of Löwenbräu.

I consider myself lucky for not spending nook miles, cash money, bells, nor time travel, etc to get this loveable kitty. I was ready to cut my losses and be happy with having Felicity and hope to run into other cool cats on my island tours. I couldn’t believe that my first bout with Animal Crossing would get me such a coveted villager. I’m happy with who I got and I can’t wait to see how he interacts with the other villagers.
Felicity has some tough competition!

Written by Eri Kagami
IG: @erikagami
Twitter: @erikagamisews

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