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Dapper Day Spring 2019 was one of the biggest and most hype Dapper Days yet! Dapper Day is a bi-annual event where Disneyland Resort guests dress up in mid-century high fashion. The event is ever growing and becoming a culture of its own. This time around, Dapper Day Expo brought back presentations by social media influencers. They also brought in guests such as Dandy Wellington and Gertie of Patterns by Gertie. There were more vendors taking up shop in the expo. With a whimsical Alice in Wonderland theme designed by Tatyana Boutique, this has been one of the best Dapper Days.


The Outfit

Dapper Day Expo takes place in the course of two days. For my Day One look, I bounded as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. My Disneybound colleague was going as Aqua. I am in the process of going through all the Kingdom Hearts games.  I decided to go as Roxas. The outfit consists of a skirt by Heart of Haute, a jacket by Vixen, a scarf by Besame, and simple saddle shoes. I had my hair done by Hairstyling by Melissa on property. I learned about her services through Instagram and I was very much satisfied!

For Day 2, I wasn’t bounding anything in particular. I wanted to wear a dress that was in my closet since January. The sailor dress needed to see the light of day. Melissa’s hair styling skills really held up! I maintained the victory rolls and the Lolita inspired outfit.

Jared the Greek wore his King Mickey inspired outfit for Dapper Day. Likewise, his bounds are thought of on the morning of.


The Expo

Last Spring’s expo was a sad disappointment. Because Viva was happening the same weekend, many vendors had to pick one or the other. Thankfully, in 2019, Viva and Dapper Day were on different weekends.This year, there were a ton more vendors…and a lot more time to go out on the dance floor too! I went on Day One – there was a line forming outside of the convention center before opening hours. I waited it out for a bit. I ended up catching Dandy Wellington’s performance. Dandy Wellington was recommended by a few of my East Coast friends – his neo-Harlem style is a breath of fresh air and also fun to dance to! I usually don’t come in with a date to the Expo, so I just proceeded to do my usual Carlton. When in doubt, do the Carlton.

Because of the many vendors, I had no idea I was going to spend more than what I expected. We had Platinum Parlor that sold jewelry reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s. We had Star Brite Motel that sold earrings and flair echoing the glamour and sparkle of the 1950s. Tatyana Boutique had a huge presence selling their exclusive Alice print dress as well as recent favorites. I ended up taking home more jewelry than I expected! If you plan to spend that $12 to go to the Expo, plan to spend a little more than you think you would spend.

I did check out the Style as Empowerment presentation. Dandy Wellington, Natty Adams, Miss Golden Lady, Stay Fly Thrash, and High Heel Paws. This presentation was moderated by Justin J, the guy who founded Dapper Day. The presentation was interesting because it provided insight on how each person used their sense of midcentury style on a daily basis. They also talked about how their respective communities don’t really dress up. “In Maryland, you only wear a suit if someone is getting married or buried,” said Natty Adams. Justin J also talked about how people in the midcentury dressed up to museums, air travel, etc…events and places that put in so much detail for their guests that guests felt the need to put in as much effort in their looks. They also discussed addressing the age old question of “What are you dressed up for?” Each person had their unique way of approaching it. How would you respond?

 The presentations coming back was a nice touch. We hope to see these return for Fall 2019. I feel these presentations add more value to the Expo.


Dapper Day Style

We caught some bounds and outfits during the Expo. If we took your photo, feel free to share it around!


Dapper Day: New Stuff & Things At the Parks! 

Our trips to the parks haven’t been as often as it used to be. However, we did get to check out the new Captain Marvel photo zone. The Shield jeep sits nicely in front of the hanger. The nose of a F-15 is right outside. 90s music is being played in the background. Though we were dressed in midcentury fashion, we appreciated the 90s touch.

Also new – Jessie’s Critter Carousel! This was part of Pixar Pier’s promised new attractions. It replaced the King Triton carousel which had realistic sea critters. I’m quite indifferent to the original. I do appreciate the 1910s aesthetic, but I can also get that at other theme parks. The Pixarficiation of Paradise Pier added this kid friendly ride. Any carousel is pretty much the same. What sold me on this was the aesthetics. If you go to Midway Mania, you get “prizes” in the form of animated critters. I always laughed at the bunny because it looked silly. I like how this new attraction has cartoon-ish aesthetics of critters that Jessie and Woody might be hanging out with in that world of Woody’s Roundup.

I had thought this have the toys from Andy’s toy box as the animals that guests would ride on. I do like the whimsy and the details put into this attraction. Look closely and you’ll find a callback to a classic attraction from the main park!

And there’s a Dumbo in the Main Street Opera House. Looks like Jared found his elephant!


Step Out in Style

Just random photos from our Dapper Day outing.


I’m always happy with how Dapper Day turns out. I love seeing everyone dressed in their best whether they are wearing true vintage or bounding an original design. It’s always nice seeing familiar faces and Instagram followers. Many thanks to POC Mousetellers and Undercover Tourist for featuring yours truly in videos about Dapper Day. There’s no denying that Dapper Day is growing and the Expo continues to house more vendors and artists. Here’s hoping Dapper Day will continue to hold the space at the same affordable price and hold panels and presentations. The Style as Empowerment presentation reminded me why I wear the clothes I do. It’s because of Dapper Day, my closet has undergone a full wardrobe change. Here’s to Dapper Day 2019 and here’s hoping we will be at Florida Dapper Day in the near future…


Written by A Feline of Spectre IG: @afelineofspectre Twitter: @erikagamisews Email: scarlet.rhapsody @ ymail.com


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