[One Shots] World’s Finest #1 (2012)

Huntress/Power Girl – World’s Finest

Writer- Paul Levitz

Pencils- George Perez

World's Finest Cover

This is how you start a new comic series.  Begin with Helena and Karen discussing their current status and then have events occur to cause them to reflect on how they got to Earth-1.  This issue concludes with Huntress and Power Girl  charging into battle against a formidable enemy.  This comic gives you everything you would need to know in order to follow this duo, even briefly explaining who they were on Earth-2.  The villain at the end is a little cheesy, but works as the first enemy for this series.

The writing is great with a good mix of smooth exposition and humor to move the story along.  You get the feeling that Helena and Karen are good friends and their difference in approach and goal is made clear early on.  A good portion of the book goes into back story explaining where they are from and how they blended into society.  The way this is written functions as a great introduction to these characters even for those who do not know who they are.  The art is also well done with the world being well detailed and the destruction of lab facilities being well done.  While there is a little Power Girl fanservice, but it is not overplayed and even Huntress makes a joke about it.  The coloring is nice with lighter tones that remind me of the coloring from older DC titles.  The only gripe with the art is that Hakkou is a very generic looking villain.

While I did not have the highest expectation for this book, the quality of World’s Finest blew me away and makes me want to read more.  Even, if you are unfamiliar with Huntress or Power Girl this is still a book you can easily jump into.  In addition it does not require a read of Earth-2 as the events of that book that concern Power Girl and Huntress are covered in a flashback.  The aptly named World’s Finest is easily the bestof the second wave title.


Bizarro Approved!!

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