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Dapper Day took place on November 3 and 4, 2018 at the Disneyland Resort. This bi-annual event draws the intersection between Disneybounders and vintage lovers of all ages. The first day is very much focused on the expo that takes place at the Disneyland Hotel. The second day is when everyone gets to go to the park to get their swanky dapper clothes on to step out in style.


Unlimited Bound Works: The Outfits

Our team looks forward to Dapper Day whenever it’s around the corner. We love any excuse to take a mid-century twist on our favorite Disney and non-Disney intellectual properties.

Imelda from Coco

Since I saw Coco a year prior, I knew I had to bound as Imelda. It doesn’t help that I have a great aunt named Imelda who also has a thing for shoes. The dress is from Lady de Couture. The ears are from Etsy – I was quite surprised that someone had taken the Imelda tsum tsum and made a Day of the Dead inspired flower crown. The wig is from eBay.

Miguel from Coco

Deb went as Miguel. She borrowed my skull ribbons for her hair accessories. Most of the outfit pieces are from Sidecca, a vendor who is usually at Dapper Day Expo. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to do Dapper Day on a budget.

Ghost Hostess from the Haunted Mansion

On the day of the event, I decided to wear the Vixen x Unique Vintage Carmelita dress to be the Ghost Hostess of the Haunted Mansion. The green is very much reminiscent of the Haunted Mansion green that the cast members wear. I bought the fascinator from Enchanted Candy Carousel from Etsy. The wig is a Diana from Epic Cosplay Wigs.


The Undertaker from WWE

This was a last minute bound from something we were joking about the morning of Dapper Day. Jared originally wanted to go as The Man in Black from Westworld. I did have a few accessories that would work. However, when he looked in the mirror, he thought he looked like a Dapper interpretation of The Undertaker. Yes, not even WWE is safe from rule breaker bounding.


Dapper Day Expo

What an improvement from previous years! Last spring, the amount of vendors was pretty scarce because Dapper Day took place the same weekend as Viva. I liked the further variety of vendors this Fall. I was happy to see familiar faces like Rockin’ Bettie Las Vegas, Sidecca, Besame, etc. Besame Cosmetics was promoting their Mermaid Lagoon line with a photo op with the mean girl mermaids from Peter Pan. There was a dance floor that played the live sounds of San Andreas Sisters and Jennifer Keith.  I’m usually not around to hear the live entertainment, but this time, I actually did get on the dance floor to cut  rug, even if it was by myself. (My partner usually doesn’t get a ticket to the Expo)

I did miss the panels and presentations that Dapper Day used to have. I’m hoping that  Spring will bring back the panels and presentations that Dapper Day used to have. I felt these were very useful and insightful.


Dapper Day at the Parks

We got to the parks pretty early that it called for a visit to the Coffee House at the Disneyland Hotel. You can see our review on their breakfast treats here.

I was feeling under the weather during Dapper Day recording from a cold. For the most part, we stayed in Frontierland and New Orleans Square for photos and taking it easy. It was a pretty crowded day with the Dapper Day crowd and the usual passholders. We didn’t make it to California Adventure, we normally do both parks on Dapper Day, we just focused on one area.

We did get to take photos in front of the Haunted Mansion thanks to cast members. We also saw the other pet sematary that has the dead elephant. While we were in the 50 minute line for the Haunted Mansion,  we had Jack and Sally show up in the line. Jack grabbed my ankles to scare me – best scare I’ve ever had at a theme park and I’ve been to Scary Farm!


Dapper Day Photos



I decided to scale things back for Dapper Day. I usually like taking photos of bounds and friends. However, my energy levels were really low. However, it was a treat seeing friends and familiar faces again. I apologize if I looked out of it, my social batteries were in the low. I wished I could have attended the Besame cosmetics prom – it sounded like a lot of fun. It was just unfortunate that it was sold out as soon as ticket sales open. Hopefully, they can get a bigger venue at the Disneyland Hotel next Spring. I always look forward to Dapper Day and it’s something I always look forward to!

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