[Con Report] Long Beach Comic Con 2018 ~ You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Long Beach Comic Con 2018 took place the Long Beach Convention Center on September 8-9 in downtown Long Beach. The convention was held on the smaller, arena side of the convention center. This was underneath the Long Beach Terrace Theater. Guests this year included Audrey Horne, Stewart Strauss, and Ray Wise from Twin Peaks, Kristian Narin from Game of Thrones, Marv Wolfman, Knoxx Pro Wrestling, and more. The convention was much smaller than previous years. However, this was the 10th Long Beach Comic Con. How does it hold up in their 10 year history? Find out on our review of Long Beach Comic Con.

Report is written by both Jared the Greek and Eri Kagami.

Day 1: Right Here, Right Now

Day 2: Praise You

Facebook Gallery: Gangster Tripping

Podcast: Zero Hour #138

Eri Kagami’s Final Thoughts: The Rockafeller Skank

Jared the Greek’s Final ThoughtsYou’re Not from Brighton

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