[LA Comic Con ’17] Bleed It Out

Every year since the beginning of this convention when it was called “Comikaze” this event has had a few surprises. From bad surprises like finding out the event is being held in a garage to good surprises like making some industry contacts. This year the surprise was that we got a panel approved. This was our first time running a panel at LA Comic Con and to be honest I figured we would get rejected for yet another asinine cosplay panel. Thankfully, we got the chance to entertain and inform while also enjoying our adventures at this generally unbalanced convention.
Like all the previous years the convention took place at the LA Convention Center a location that has numerous problems. From traffic to the overflow of street dog vendors the whole area is difficult to deal with and smells horrible. Inside the convention center things are different. There is plenty of room for a great dealer hall as well as several panel rooms. Not only that, but the building was also used for another event and there was no problems with both events sharing the same space.
The panel line up was mixed as it tends to be. There were plenty of ‘nothing’ panels about cosplay or comedy. Then there was a good amount of guest panels ranging from comics to wrestling and many topics in between. Finally, there were more analytical panels looking at technology, psychology, and skill development. There was plenty of worthwhile panels to cover, but some of the panels that should have been interesting just fell apart like the VR panel that came undone very quick despite the sponsorship. On that note, no panel should have a sponsor unless it is an industry panel run by a company. Hopefully there can be a little more quality control next year, but it was a good lineup overall.
The dealer hall was a bit smaller than usual. While it was in the same location as previous years it felt like there were fewer booths, but on the good side more aisle space. There was a decent variety of booths from comics to clothes to toys there was plenty to be found. The hall also includes the main stage where guests would go for a panel. There were plenty of seats and standing room, but the bigger names filled up the space really fast. In the very back the autograph booths and display cars were set to that the lines wouldn’t crowd the other booths. It
was well set up and while it is a bit smaller than previous years it was the perfect size for the event.
This convention has an odd vibe. No one is rude and there isn’t much attitude amongst the attendees. On the other hand no one is really friendly either. It isn’t a bad scene, it is just a little empty in terms of friendly interactions. This is not the event to go to in order to make friends, but there are enough panels and things to do in the dealer hall to make up for the social side of
the con. Our panel experience was positive with a good sized audience for an end of day panel. The team had generally positive experiences at LA Comic Con and despite some issues with traffic it was a fun event.
This year was an interesting experience at LA Comic Con. Running between panels was fun for a change and seeing Stan Lee get interviewed live was also a treat. It was tough at times as there were a few moments I had to choose between two panels. I wasn’t too impressed with the dealer hall, but everyone else seemed to enjoy shopping and getting autographs. If you go to LA Comic Con then go with a goal like meeting a guest or hitting specific panels. Going with friends is nice, but this is an easy convention to hit up solo.. As this is the last convention of the year it is good to know that it ended on a mostly good note. Until next year I leave you with my list and I will remind you to give my love to those Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.
1. The Last one of the year
2. First panel at this con
3. Tarzan!!!
4. Nothing of note
5. Smiling Stan Lee
6. Brought the wrong cosplay stuff
7. VR panel implosion
8. Note to self: Don’t forget the lunch items
9. I need to watch The Crow again
10. Next cosplay: something-something Tekken
11. Learning at a panel?
12. RE: 11 – What a shock!
13. Half asleep most of the morning
14. Nostalgia at our panel!
15. Need more Disney at cons
16. Rolling (mostly) solo
17. Always have a good escape plan
18. Just me, or where there less cosplayers?
19. Mixed year, good ending, can’t complain

Written by Jared the Greek
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