[Classy Cats] Micheline Pitt for Unique Vintage – Meet and Greet!

I’m relatively new to Vixen. I’ve been lurking around the Vixen’s Salon on Facebook for a few months. Up to this meet and greet, I only had two Vixen dresses. Micheline Pitt, the founder and creative mind behind Vixen, hosted a meet and greet at Unique Vintage in Burbank. It’s no surprise that most pinup happenings occur on Magnolia Boulevard; there are many antique stores, kitschy cafes, and vintage shops lined along the boulevard. Micheline Pitt was celebrating the launch of her latest collaboration with Unique Vintage in their storefront. This brought in Vixen’s loyal fans and a few new converts to #VixenStyle.

The Outfit

I literally got this Vixen piece the day before the event in the mail. This is the Bardot dress that was released for the Summer 2018 line. I’m a huge fan of black and white gingham. There’s a nice weight to the fabric; very high quality. The best part are the deep pockets – great for my phone and point and click Canon. The boater hate is from Bodyline. The necklace is from Belladonna Lolita.

Debbie Diamond, wore this summer dress from Heart of Haute. It wasn’t necessary to wear Vixen or Unique Vintage to this event; something easy to get in and out of easily to change and try on new clothes would suffice.

Unique Vintage 

Debbie and I haven’t been to Unique Vintage in almost a year. Most of my dealings with UV either have been online or through Dapper Day. Other than the Vixen collaboration line, they had a few thematic fashion coordinates going on. There were also a ton of markdowns on older stock here. What is seen on the website might not be found at the store, but the store shop keepers were helpful in getting those pieces ordered right away to be shipped.

A tiki collection; a few of them had Eastern Asian inspired prints.
Unique Vintage has always had a relationship with Disney fans, especially Disneybounders.


Vixen x Unique Vintage Collaboration

For those local to the Los Angeles area, we were in a treat to see the pieces in this new line. These have not been officially revealed prior. To see them in person and to try them on was pretty neat! These dresses are just a quick peak into the collection:

Of course, Debbie and I had to try them on. With our cell phone cameras out, we had to try them on. For what it’s worth, Debbie and I are 5’1. Debbie is between a Small and a Medium. I’m between a Medium and Large, but I normally wear Large in Vixen size. I’m wearing the Large in these photos.

The dresses were in tip top quality. Debbie liked the skirt because it was light and comfortable; also great for professional and office wear. I liked the playsuit the best because it feels like something out of the 1950s and early 1990s all in one. Considering I have a 90s party a week from the time of this writing, it saved me a step from putting together something at the last minute!

#VixenStyle @ Unique Vintage

I really liked seeing everyone wearing their Vixen summer style to this event. Thank you to everyone who had volunteered for a photo. You are welcomed to use these in your social media. Credit @afelineofspectre on Instagram. I always wish I could have got more photos of everyone, but I also had to make time to shop for myself!



Debbie and I had a great time checking this out. This is our first Vixen related event. We didn’t come home empty handed. I took home the playsuit and the gingham dress. Debbie took home the skirt to build her professional wardrobe. I appreciated the hospitality and level of customer service at Unique Vintage. While the line for checkout took a while, I didn’t mind so much since we had snacks and good company to chit chat with. I really liked the peach bubbly drink; wish I got more before it ran out!

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Vixen event without meeting Micheline Pitt. She’s very sweet in person. I admit, I’m very shy when I meet new people, but I look forward attending more Vixen events in the future. I feel this company has a lot of potential and they’re already have a flourishing online community. By the end of the day, my Vixen dress collection doubled and I have no regrets. Thank you, Micheline and Unique Vintage for hosting this celebration!

Written by A Miss Called Vicky Insta: @AFelineofSpectre Email: scarlet.rhapsody @ ymail.com


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