[Unlimited Bound Works] Mermaids Day ~ Jumping the Eight Ships at Dan-no-ura

Having attended Mermaids Day last year, I decided to check out this year’s Mermaids Day. We were overdue for some quality time in the parks. Mermaids Day brings in about a hundred or so fans of The Little Mermaid and the niche mermaid lifestylers. There is a rising trend in mermaid fashion aeshetics from scale-y skirts, clamshells on shirts, starfish hair accessories, mermaid make up tutorials, etc. It’s a dive into nostalgia; The Little Mermaid is very sentimental to Gen Y. This year’s Mermaids Day involved both parks – one stop at DCA and the rest at the main parks.


The Bounds

Unlimited Boundworks represented the original 1959 Submarine Voyage. The attraction used to have submarines painted slate grey before they were recolored to a much more happier yellow. The original Submarine Voyage attraction has had a history of mermaids – live mermaids in the center of the lagoon swimming and diving into the water. There were also animation mermaids in the attraction exploring lost ships and finding treasure. Of course, this predates The Little Mermaid, but I do have fond memories of going on the original attraction being mesmerized by the unknown regions of liquid space. This was an epic E ticket ride. While Finding Nemo does blend some of the original attraction (see if you can spot the sea serpent and mermaid corpses!), it doesn’t match up to the original Submarine Voyage.

Jared The Greek’s aesthetic is casual with a Greek sailor hat to top it off. I wore my Heart of Haute blouse with Voodoo Vixen pants. I wanted a 1940s retro kind of look. I always like to be a little bit dapper with my bounds. The hat is from one of my cosplays.


Mermaids Day Fun!

Mermaids Day was full of activities throughout the day. The day started with Ariel’s Undersea Adventure for a ride takeover as soon as people picked up their complimentary event pin. The day continued onto the new Pirates of the Caribbean with the all new, all different redhead. I did like the changes made to the classic attraction as you enter the attack on the port (hi new octopus!) and how it went back to the original. The line for the re-opening of Pirates wasn’t too bad…about a mere half hour. The next stop of the day was a castle photo at 4PM. We had a pretty huge group – so we had to all huddle in. A raffle occurred afterwards.


Mermaids Day Style

Whether you’re bounding or echoing the styles of the deep blue sea, Mermaids Day had a huge turnout. While I’m not big into the mermaid scene, I do appreciate seeing the creativity and the aesthetics that people bring.


Other Photos from Mermaids Day

No Edna yet…

Jared the Greek not amused by this rat

Pixar Pier…still under construction.Favorite place for photos and to cool down.

Submarine Voyage surfacing in Grizzly Peak

Submarine Voyage fleet commanders checking out Grizzly Peak.

Rescue Fire!

Hi Becoming Felicity!


It was a really hot day in the parks. We haven’t been to the parks in about a month and this is usually the time the crowd and heat kicks in. I do appreciate checking out this event for the second consecutive time. Everyone is very nice and it was nice to see familiar faces again. My apologies if it was out of it – the heat was really draining. However, many thanks to the organizers of Mermaids Day for making this one of the most well known “Unofficial Dress Up Days” at the Disney parks!

Not sure what our next Disney visit will bring – might check out the opening of Pixar Peer in a few weeks…but not looking forward to the heat and the crowds. If you are in Orange County, Unlimited Boundworks is hosting a Disneybounding panel and presentation at Titan Con. Click here for more information.


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