[Con Report] Fanime 2018 ~ Larger Than Life

Fanime took place on May 25 – 28, 2018 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA. The con is a Bay Area legend for otaku. This is the premiere Bay Area anime con. Fanime has had its ups and downs in the past several years. This is our first time attending since Fanime 2012. In comparison, the guest list featured more fan guests (Chalk Twins, AiCosu, Linda Le, etc) than industry guests. There were also more American guests than Japanese industry guests since the last time we attended. Caitlin Glass, Todd Haberkorn, and anime historian, Giles Poitras made an appearance at the event. This year’s Fanime theme was gaming. Let’s see how Fanime 2018 holds up since the last time we visited San Jose…

Day 1:  Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Day 2:  As Long as You Love Me

Day 3Everybody

Day 4 I’ll Never Break Your Heart

GalleryAll I Have to Give

PodcastZero Hour #129

Eri Kagami’s Closing ThoughtsWe Got It Going On

Jared the Greek’s Closing ThoughtsI Want It That Way

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