[Escapade] Dapper Day Spring 2018: Nursery Rhyme

Got off the plane from Las Vegas and headed straight to Anaheim on the night before Dapper Day! This was our laziest Dapper Day, but even when we’re at our laziest, we manage to deliver somehow. Unlimited Boundworks attended Dapper Day Spring after a few days at Viva Las Vegas. This concerned us because this would also affect what vendors would be present. While larger companies like Pinup Girl Clothing and Unique Vintage can afford to do both, other companies cannot. The expo did feel like it was missing a few booths – regulars such as Rockin’ Bettie, Double Trouble, and Blue Moon Vintage were attending Viva Las Vegas. The clash of the two events didn’t really affect attendance – the Dapper Day and rockabilly crowd are almost two different cultures though there is some intersection. This year, we just kept our Dapper Day bounds low key…well, as low key as Unlimited Boundworks goes!


The Bound: Walt Disney

“To all who come to this happy place…”

Jared the Greek went as Walt Disney to Dapper Day. These were clothes found in his closet that he had already. The bow is custom made from brocade. The shirt is from Uniqlo. The D pin was a last minute item from Unique Vintage. To get hyped for this look, we were watching the opening day video of Disneyland.

And for those who know their parks trivia, here’s Jared the Greek next to the eternal flame at the fire house.


The Outfit: An accidental bound?

Woke up in the morning feeling like…like I don’t have a prepared bound, but I have a closet of pretty dresses. I’m dapper everyday anytime I roll up to Disneyland.

The dress is my favorite dress from Bernie Dexter. The hat is from Sweet Mildred. The wrist cuffs and and necklace is from Belladonna. It was a comfortable dress to wear in the 85 degree Southern California heat. While we were at the Haunted Mansion, I realized I was accidentally bounding from a rare Disneyland special. The 35th anniversary special had the cast of Cheers recall their Disneyland memories. Woody, the bartender, gave us a flashback to his first time in the Haunted Mansion. I realized I could be bounding as the ghost girl who leaves her corporeal ribbon at the end of the flashback. You can see the video here.


The Bound: Link

Deb joined us for the expo. While she’s not an annual passholder (yet), she had to drive her way from Burbank from her animation gig to Anaheim. (We could use that monorail from Burbank to Anaheim, y’know?) Her bound was Link from Legend of Zelda. Though not Disney, it was an excuse to be casual dapper while shopping through the expo. The cowl is from Elhoffer. The parasol is from Tatyana Boutique. It sufficed as Link’s sword.

The Expo

Likewise, it was smaller compared to last year’s. Two major guests were Dita Von Teese and Dandy Wellington. We only went on Sunday because we were at Viva the day before. There weren’t any workshops like last Fall’s Dapper Day. It would have been nice to keep the panels and presentations going for Expo wristband holders through the weekend. I really missed having those.

A few photos from the Expo:

The main highlight of the Expo was the Agent Carter set by Besame Cosmetics. This booth not only sold cosmetics from the Agent Carter 1946 collection, but there was a photo op booth that recreated Agent Carter’s office and a VR experience where you had to solve a puzzle. Besame was also raffling off an Agent Carter purse; the winners were announced later in the day. Winners had to be present to claim. Suffice to say, Besame went through several names before the pulled a present winner.

I ended up taking home the translucent powder, the 1940s perfume roller, and the eye shadow set. Looking forward testing these babies out! Hm…maybe I should bound as Agent Carter next time around? After chit chatting with Gabriela, the owner of Besame, we might see a collaboration with Miss Candy Floss.

And there were other photo op spots!

And I did run into a few friends at Dapper Day


Dapper Day at the Parks

We mostly stayed in the main park for Dapper Day. Because it was hot, we weren’t motivated to take as many photos as we wanted to. We just wanted to just be fancy and enjoy the parks.

We went into the Animation Building to get some shots of Jared the Greek’s Walt.

Pinup Girl Clothing also hosted Pinup Parade in the Park. We only attended the trivia challenge during the early part of the day. It was smaller than usual. I ended up taking home some giftcards after answering correctly. This was really fun and many thanks to Pinup Girl Clothing for the treats!

Also, meeting a few of my Insta followers was pretty neat!

And more pictures of the park and being fancy


  1. Buena Vista Newsboys
  2. Animation Building
  3. Jungle Cruise
  4. Winnie The Pooh’s Bizarre Adventures
  5. Haunted Mansion
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean
  7. Mark Twain
  8. Path of the Jedi
  9. Flag Ceremony


Quotes and Inside Jokes

“Does she still dance for Steve McQueen?” “Sex work is work.”

“The cave dweller killed all the pirates.”

“Path of the Jedi confirms something for me!” “Everything in the current timeline abides by B series timeline theory?”

“Path of the Jedi makes the prequels look good.”

“Aww…that pirate and his tabbies remind me of me and Jackie.”

“Bound as Aqua! She is best girl!”

“Walt would have wanted it that way!”

“So like Walt founded Disneyland and he was like, ‘This looks like fun…a bench! Hey Diane…Sharon…this park sucks. Daddy’s gonna make it better.”

“Sure could use that monorail from Anaheim to Burbank now.”

“Pooh’s friends are jerks. They broke into his house!”

“These seagulls want to steal you away!”

“No means ‘No,’ we know now. No means ‘No,’ we know now.”

“They changed it because two people complained.”



It was a very low key Dapper Day for us. It just feels surreal having bounders come up to and tell you that they follow you. I really love all of my followers and you guys are always welcomed to selfie. I’m always up for group bounds too! While Unlimited Boundworks does dress dapper all the time to Disney, it’s always swell seeing the creativity in people’s outfits whether you’re bounding or not. For first timers of Dapper Day, or those who want to try it out, just find outfits that make you feel fun, fancy, and free. The expo does have quite a bit of selection, but you can also find some amazing things online. It cane be a simple polka dotted halter dress and Minnie ears or something elaborate like a 1920s evening party inspired Disneybound. While Dapper Day did originally want to echo opening day in 1955, it’s nice to see different eras represented. I even saw some disco themed bounds! Keep the creativity coming and we hope to see you soon at the parks!

And we’re hoping for a larger Expo next Fall!

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