House of Scarlet Personae

Meet The House of Scarlet Personae: Some Bachelors, Some Not


Eri Kagami – Founder, Editor-in-Chief
A costume designer and bachelor.
Scarlet has been doing anime conventions since the summer of 1999. Her first convention was Anime Expo 1999 when it was smaller and at the Anaheim Convention Center. Scarlet enjoys being a panelists at cons talking about Sailor Moon. She also enjoys writing. Scarlet Rhapsody pretty much fulfills her entertainment journalist side. You would probably see her at a con in either masquerade or looking for iDolm@ster and Pretty Cure merchandise.



sprites_jaredJared – Copy Editor
An editor of film who is partly bachelor and partly vegetable with mineral connections.
Jared is the resident comic book nerd. With two college degrees under his belt, Jared enjoys writing and public speaking. He has done d. j. work for Orange County radio stations and has had writings published in academic journals. You would probably see him at a con panel hopping and or his videos at the anime music video contest.



sprites_lisaLi Li –  Con Reports, Staff Writer
A maker upper.
A new edition to the House of Scarlet, Li Li is active Homestuck hailing from Western Mass. Her fandoms range from My Little Pony to Lolita. Though somewhat new to the conventions scene, Li Li also enjoys attending Lolita meet ups and also enjoys traveling. She has recently studied in France and has a decent hold of the French language. She also appreciates recommendations for good shoujo-ai anime and manga.




Miguel – Secret Stage, Podcast Co-Host
A studio sound man
. Miguel accidentally got in on the show after he and Jared were talking baseball and football endlessly on a fateful night at Buffalo Wild Wings. The podcasts, Bizarro World of Sports and Secret Stage, are his babies. Miguel roots for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Indiana Colts. Miguel also has had convention staff experience by being one of the head organizers of Cosplay Chess at Anime Los Angeles.



sprites_stephyaRamses – Secret Stage, Podcast Co-Host
A sound recordist of ill repute.
Ramses is the other comics guy. He enjoys collectable toys from the 1980s. Though his fandoms include everything Hasbro (GI Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, etc), he is also into super sentai, tokusatsu, and Pretty Cure. Though Ramses has taken a break from the convention scene, he provides the funny in the Bizarro Files and Secret Stage shows.



sprites_aceAndrew – Photographer
A cameraman of London.
The newest member of Scarlet Rhapsody, Andrew is usually seen taking pictures of cosplayers (‘awesome!”), j-fashionistas (“good job!”), and music performances. Andrew is just starting out taking photos and experimenting with a DSLR. He also edits in Lightroom. In his spare time, he plays the drums for a South Bay prog rock indie band. He sometimes appears on the Secret Stage show.



Deb (Plastic Ronins) – Content Contributor
A visual effector keen on bachelors. Deb wears a few hats for the website. She drew the title cards for Bizarro Files season one. She is also shows up on the Zero Hour show if there is an event in California that needs to be covered. She spends most of her time updating her portfolio – her dream is to work in the video game industry as a designer – and getting through school. Favorite fandoms include Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, super sentai, tokusatsu, etc.


Stan (Plastic Ronins) –  Content Contributor
A designed who prefers married men but knows quite a few bachelors.
Stan, born in London, is also a cosplayer. Stan takes on innovative projects. In the cosplay world, he is best known for Sasori by having the giant puppet (aka Nate Norman) on his back. Stan brings years of convention and cosplay experience to the show.




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