[Escapade] The Emperor ~ Pinup Parade in the Park

I first attended the Pinup Parade in the Park last year during the same time. It was my first time Disneybounding and first time in a few years I went back to the parks. I had just moved from Boston for work. Pinup Parade in the Parks is a bi-annual event hosted by the Burbank based Pinup Girl Clothing. This year, the theme was “villains.” Disneybound as Disney villains was very much encouraged. One of the best things about Pinup Parade in the Park is the goodie bag that everyone got – you got a commemorative pin, fan, hair accessory, a series of pins, and discount code for your next Pinup Girl Clothing purchase. I was really hyped for this event. Even though I tend to visit the parks solo, I enjoy steppin’ out in style rain or shine.



The Disneybound


I was bounding as Smarty Weasel from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. What brought this about was the fact that I wanted to play with another villain’s color scheme. It seems that the main animated features typically use a combination of black, red, and purple. I wanted to use Pinup Girl brands and try out different colors. Smarty Weasel came to mind while I was going through Who Framed Roger Rabbit again.


The bound consists of a blouse and skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing. I received a lot of questions from fellow pinups as to where I got my beret. I bought it several years ago off QutieLand. You can also find berets in the same style off Lacemarket. I already had the scarf from a Dapper Day run. The necklace is from H&M. The shoes are from Bodyline. For the hair, I ended up using a wig from Epic Cosplay (Diana in Black).


Additionally, I had people ask about local pinup photography studios where you get the full makeover and photoshoot. The two locals I recommend are Los Angeles based Iconic Pinups and Anaheim based Retrodolls.




Pinup Parade in the Park

“Who told you you’re allowed to rain on my parade?” sings Barbara Streisand. What I liked about Pinup Parade in the Park is the various events scattered throughout the day. There was a trivia contest at the Small World esplanade. Pinup Girl Clothing hosted Disney themed trivia for gift card prizes. I was pretty close with a few questions, but even then, I was stumped on knowledge I thought I knew! At 3PM, there was a pinup gathering at the castle. Unfortunate, because of the rain, the 5:30PM trivia meet up was canceled. Even though by 5:30PM, the rain had already stopped, the esplanade was empty. However, it was splendid seeing everyone’s Disney pinup themed coordinates. I was impressed by people’s creativity!


153-dsc02247 154-dsc02248


Everyone’s Disneybounds

I really enjoyed seeing what creativity everyone had! Everyone looked fabulous. It was really nice meeting and talking to everyone I’ve ran into. You guys remind me how much I’ve been enjoying immersing into vintage / retro fashion. I just wish it wasn’t just a few days a year we can see each other. Feel free to use any photo I have taken of you on your social media.

Soarin’ Over the World

I’ve only been to Soarin’ Over the World once during the soft opening. Even then I don’t have much recollection. I ended up getting a fast pass so I can give it a proper review. On average, I usually see a 55+ minute wait. We still have the same host guy who did that Hyuna parody – I will forever associate his voice with K-pop. I liked the new sequences. Not much variety in scents as with Soarin’ Over California. However, I did get a whiff of oranges at the start – not sure if that was intentional. I have to say, this is the one attraction that is out to mass murder guests as things come randomly at you on screen. What I’ve always liked about the Soarin’ series is that it reminds me a lot of Circle Vision from the 1980s in Tomorrowland – there’s much world immersion in such little time. I do love the new scenes and scents – however, wish there were more scents. Soarin’ Over California was overdue for a makeover and this is a fine follow up to the original.


Fun Fact: My (future) dad in law designed the scent mechanism for Soarin’ Over California. He’s never been on Soarin’.


And more random photos from this visit…

Donald gets my vote for best costumed face character!


A bit of a missed opportunity here to look more sinister and conniving with Chip and Dale. I love how guests were trying to guess who was who.

073-dsc02167 076-dsc02170

9:30AM and this is the line for Tower of Terror fast passes for 1:15PM. The cast member said it was longest he’s ever seen since opening weekend in 2004.


Legit pinup sighting on Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin! Betty Garble sighted. On further inspection, my birthday is on a Sunday…


Yay! My people!


Sighted friends at Disney!



Rushed back to Tower of Terror to use my fast pass. Regretting not getting the Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel coffee mugs before they sold out later that day. However, they still had beer glasses in stock.

133-dsc02227 136-dsc02230

When Radiator Springs Racers stops right before you’re about to race and all you do is trash talk the other car. 137-dsc02231 138-dsc02232With Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!
142-dsc02236Jungle Cruise in the rain is a different, yet delightful experience.
165-dsc02259 166-dsc02260

Final Attraction Count

  1. Haunted Mansion
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean
  3. Indiana Jones
  4. Mattherhorn
  5. Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin
  6. Chip and Dale’s Treehouse
  7. Little Mermaid
  8. Boudin Bread Factory
  9. California Screamin’
  10. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  11. Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy
  12. Radiator Springs racers
  13. Enchanted Tiki Room
  14. Jungle Cruise
  15. Mark Twain
  16. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  17. Pinocchio’s Bizarre Adventures
  18. King Arthur’s Carousel
  19. Mickey’s Magical Map
  20. It’s a Small World
  21. Mattherhorn
  22. Soarin’ Over the World


Overall, I had a swell time. It was pretty surreal seeing everyone in the official Disney poncho’s in the afternoon. It was almost like we were all ghosts. I felt really bad for the gals who did their hair for this event. You ladies are far braver than I am to stand the rain! It was lovely meeting everyone and seeing familiar faces. Seeing a rainbow on the main Disney esplanade was lovely. Thank you again, Pinup Girl Clothing for hosting this event. I hope to see you all again on Dapper Day Sunday as this will be my last visit to the parks for a while.


– Vicky Angel, xoxo


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