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Before I go in depth with the write up, there’s been a bit of confusion as to what “Lolita Day” is. Because many unofficial dress up days get cross shared among social media, it’s fairly common that people outside the J-fashion world will stumble across the public Facebook event and have questions. “Lolita” in the Western world does have connotation to Vladimir Nabokov’s social commentary novel on the decline of social morals and Tumblr doesn’t help either when “#lolita” or “#lolita fashion” shows photos of knee high stockings, short skirts, and heart shaped sunglasses. To ask who claimed “Lolita” first is pointless. Lolita fashion originates from Japan’s world of pop culture. I learned about Lolita through anime and going to Japanese pop culture themed conventions. Most girls into the fashion would agree that the aesthetic and style is pretty, so why not? Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Even so, Disney has done collaborations with Japanese fashion houses. It’s also quite common for Japanese girls to go to the parks in Tokyo dressed as frilly princesses.



The event was organized by Disneyland Lolita Day. This is the fourth year it’s been running. It’s also my first major Lolita event in Southern California since moving back in August. Even my colleague, Zan-chan had to question if I was a hologram broadcasting from New England. I’m really happy I did this event. I had so many questions from cast members and park guests about Lolita Day and where I got all my clothes. Allow me to break it down for you here:




The Coord


I decided to Disneybound in Lolita as Little Leota. For those of you who need a frame of reference, she’s the tiny ghostlike girl at the end of the Haunted Mansion who tells you to “Hurry back…” as you ascend back to the world of the living. The dress is bought second hand from Baby the Stars Shine Bright ($100). If you are on a budget, buying second hand from a local swap meet or Lacemarket is the way to go. I consider myself as budget Lolita and this is how I was able to build my wardrobe. The shoes are from Bodyline and they can go between $20-$30. I also wear these shoes for dapper themed events. The overcoat is from Fan Plus Fiend. The veil is from Sweet Mildred (because support local artists is always a good thing). The wig is from Goth Lolita Wigs; normally I don’t wear wigs when I Disneybound, but because wigs are very much a part of Lolita fashion, I decided to anyway. The gloves are from Unique Vintage. The bag is from Innocent World. The tights are from Forever 21. I didn’t go full petticoat with this outfit only because the last time I wore a full petticoat to Disney, it was awkward exiting on and off rides like Space Mountain and the Matterhorn.



Meet ‘n Greet’s

The afternoon got pretty crowded. After having lunch at the Hungry Bear, I ended visiting Critter Country. I usually don’t do character meet ‘n greets, but after doing it a few times on my last visit and that I have a unique outfit I don’t get to wear to the parks often, I decided to spend my afternoon “collecting” as many meet ‘n greets as I could.

With Eeyore – such a gentleman. He wanted to pose arm in arm. Cheer up, emo donkey.


With Cinderella.


With Ariel


With Snow White


With Darth Vader (just in time for Rogue One!)


With John Belushi…err….Donald Duck


With Elsa and Anna


With Ms. Incredible. So…sequel?



Mark Twain’s Wheelhouse


This was something I wanted to do ever since I heard about it on Mice Chat. I can’t remember how far back, but it would have to be around 2008 or 2009 when I first heard you could go in the wheel house of the Mark Twain if you asked a cast member nicely. Because the Mark Twain was docked because of the Disneyland Railroad re-routing in the Rivers of America,I wasn’t sure if this would be possible, but I decided to ask. Because when in doubt – ask! 
076-dsc02043 077-dsc02044

The Mark Twain was also one of those places for Elegant Gothic Lolita snaps. With some modification to this outfit, I could Disneybound as the Mark Twain…some day.

So a cast member by the name of Wing took me to the wheel house. He gave me the VIP tour. This is where Walt Disney used to take naps.


Technically, I didn’t pilot the Mark Twain – always wanted to, but I still got the certificate anyway. I also signed the guest book with the quote “Burning Love!” If there’s anyone who’s fans of Kantai Collection, you get the reference.

085-dsc02052Wing also pointed out some Mark Twain trivia and history that I had no idea about. Unfortunately, I couldn’t blow the whistle. This made my visit to the parks all the more memorable. I’m glad I finally had the courage to ask to step inside the wheelhouse. Likewise, I’ve been meaning to do it, However, many thanks to  Wing and the cast members on the Mark Twain for making this happen. 

Moana Preview


I never been in the Bug’s Life theatre before, but I was quite curious about the new Moana movie (aka – Do You Smell What Maui Is Cooking?). The Bug’s Life theatre has become the official preview screening zone for the new animated feature to be released on Thanksgiving. I’ve been interested in this movie since production stills were shown at D23 the previous year. The theatre is gorgeous – it’s like you’re underground beneath the earth. I don’t know why, but once you’re seated in, it does look and feel appropriate for Moana, though Moana is very ocean themed. This was one of those 3D previews and much like Captain Eo, we did have a Rock in 3D as the first thing on the screen. I won’t spoil too much, but much like Muppet’s 3D Vision, there’s a lot of interactivity with the movie and the audience. It was very unexpected, but I’m really glad I did. So, if you’re ever in the parks and need some AC and need to sit down for a while, I highly recommend checking this out while it’s at DCA.


Let Me Say Goodbye: Tower of Terror


As most of you my know, these are the last days to experience Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. However, Disney isn’t wasting time with the Guardians of Galaxy makeover. As I wrote on Scarlet Rhapsody, I don’t have an issue with Guardians of the Galaxy, but having the sign gone and refurbishments starting now, it just doesn’t feel the same. I’d be fine waiting until after the January 2, 2017 closure for all the updates and refurbishments. Right now, it looks like it’s about to be gentrified. To some, gentrification is a true terror on society. So I guess that works?


At the gift shop. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror merchandise is selling like crazy!


Tower of Terror by night – still 90 minute long wait times. Without the sign, it doesn’t feel the same.


Disneyland Lolita Day


This is a very low key dress up event which made it all the more relaxing. If you were rockin’ Lolita style, you received a commemorative button from the hostesses. This was located where the former Gummi Glen speed boats attraction was held. There was a meet up and group photo at the castle and there was a group ride on the tea cups. I’ve been to many a Disney parks themed dress up days, and this is the most friendliest and chill out of all of them. The gals were generally friendly and I really liked talking to everyone about their outfits.


Lolita’s Through the Parks


And more pictures just because…

The park just as it is about to open.

003-dsc01970With Andrew from the anime convention world. He was just given a field promotion to commodore of the Storybookland canal boats (because I said so).


Time to kill Nazis…with Dumbo! No seriously, Google some of the WW2 propaganda that utilized Disney characters. This makes Dumbo all the more badass.


King Arthur’s Carousel. Kinda surprised we didn’t do a group ride here. After all, Angelic Pretty has a ton of carousel themed prints.


And where’s my Mary Blair themed JSK? Ah well, that’s what pinup is for. But seriously, going through It’s a Small World is like riding in a Lolita print.


I don’t know the name of this park band / attraction. I liked how they do jazzy renditions of various songs associated with the park.


One of the most sought after photo ops in the park. Shoutout to the Disneybound Ariel who took my photo because we were fed up with people being territorial about this zone.


Photo bombed by the chirpiest and bubbliest Jungle Cruise skipper I’ve ever encountered.


I’m usually in New Hampshire during this time of year. If you squint hard enough, it’s almost like being there.


Not sure what’s the name of this band, but they were hanging out at the New Orleans station as I was getting my mint julep fix.


Trains might not be operational, but great for photos for vanity reasons.


Fantasyland Square


“Nico Nico Ni!”


Afternoon Flag Ceremony from the Main Street Station


Radiator Springs Racers


Notice me, senpai…or teitoku…


I have to say that if I had to pick out my favorite street entertainment in the parks, it would be Five and Dime.118-dsc02085


Final Attraction Count

  1. Peter Pan’s Line Con
  2. Snow White’s Scary Adventures
  3. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey (into imagination)
  4. Casey Jr.
  5. Dumbo
  6. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (to hell)
  7. King Arthur’s Carousel
  8. Storybookland
  9. It’s a Small World
  10. Disneyland Band
  11. Matterhorn
  12. Enchanted Tiki Room
  13. Jungle Cruise
  14. Winnie the Pooh Meet ‘n Greet
  15. Winnie the Pooh’s Bizarre Adventures
  16. New Orleans Square band
  17. Gurley @ New Orleans Square Station
  18. Pirates of the Caribbean
  19. Mark Twain
  20. Snow White and Friends Meet ‘n Greet
  21. Fantasyland Theatre: Rapunzel
  22. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  23. Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy
  24. Star Wars Launch Bay
  25. Jedi Training Academy
  26. Autopia
  27. Flag Ceremony
  28. Art of Animation – Anna and Elsa meet ‘n greet
  29. Radiator Springs Racers
  30. Moana preview
  31. Five and Dime
  32. Disney Gallery
  33. Star Tours
  34. Finding Nemo
  35. Monorail



“This isn’t Magic Moutain. This is Disneyland! Be happier!” – Cast Member trying to pump up park guests at the gates

“Um…gotta get to Star Wars Launch Bay…um…Grand Admiral Thrawn is there…from Rebels…! *poof*”

“Say hi to Gus and Jack for me!”

“Are you getting married?” “Are you a snowflake?!” – Anna and Elsa

“I see you wear gloves. Are you concealing your snow magic?” “I’m from New England. Let’s say we’re known for endless winters.” “Your secret is safe with me.” – exchange with Elsa

“…rebels have plans…” “My star destroyer fleet is on it, Lord Va–” “He’s still talking!” – never interrupt a Sith Lord

“I thought Vader was dead, but he’s in the new movie!” – newbs

“OMG…I want her shoes.” – random park guest



“Hurry back…be sure to bring your death certificate…”


I had a great time at Disneyland Lolita Day. I spent it as a lone Little Leota, but it’s all good. I don’t usually do meet ‘n greets, but after today, I figured I should do them more often than I should. I’m still getting used to interacting with face characters; I tend to be an introvert and sometimes I don’t know how to react (other than “thank you” or “nice outfit!”). I spent a good 12 hours in the park doing more than I thought I could do. I had a very memorable day full of accomplishments and first time’s – wearing Lolita, the Mark Twain wheel house, various meet ‘n greets, etc. Thank you to the DLD organizers and photographers – this has been the best Disney unofficial dress up day so far and I won’t forget it!


- Eri Kagami Tumblr: Erikagamisews IG: Erikagamisews

– Eri Kagami
Tumblr: Erikagamisews
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