[One Shots] Catwoman Issue 7 (2012)

Catwoman Issue 7 (2012) by Jared
Writer- Judd Winick, Pencils- Adriana Melo
Starting up a new story arc in Catwoman, Judd Winick gives us a new issue that is much more light-hearted than previous issues.  This issue follows Catwoman as she steals cars for her new handler/fence Gwen.  While there is very little action in this issue and instead Winick makes sure to play up the tone of this new story arc by having Catwoman and Gwen banter for a good portion of the issue.  Winick also tosses a new thief into the mix called Spark.  There are very few surprises in issue 7, but it is a fun ride with great potential for future stories.
The big change in issue 7 is that the artist has changed from Guillem March to Adriana Melo with some mixed results.  Overall the artwork is well done with some nice backgrounds, great detailing on the cars, and the bodies of both Catwoman and the Greek playboy look great.  The flaw of Melo’s art is that the faces do not look right.  They are a little off on proportion, but the more noticeable flaw is that when expressing emotion the faces look messed up.  The small eyes and the overly large mouth when happy looks very wrong and it lowers the quality of the comic.  Hopefully, Melo can tighten up the art in the later issues.
If you have been reading Winick’s New 52 Catwoman then this will be a fun read for you.  The story takes a nice turn from the darker first arc and it is nice to see Catwoman stealing for fun again rather than stupidly robbing heavily armed criminals.  If you have been looking to get into Catwoman you can start with issue 7 as it references very little from the previous arc.  Thus far Catwoman has been a fun ride and with any luck it will remain that way.
Bizarro Approved!

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