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Boston Lolita meet ups keep getting better and better! International Lolita Day typically takes place on the first Saturday in December. The meet up was a joint venture between the Rhode Island and Boston communities. The proposed activity was to have a late afternoon tea at the Langham Hotel. There was a lounge on the first floor called Reserve – this is different from Cafe Fleuri where the chocolate bar meet up usually happens. While the event came with price tag – tea events and posh hotels usually will run above $40 per head, it was well worth it to be in the company of friends and frills.

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I picked a simple coord for the event. I was hoping to get either a Dear Celine JSK or a Magic Cats Street JSK that I have been eyeing forever, but alas I did not have the money to drop on these. Instead, I decided to wear my Little Lady JSK from Innocent World. The bolero is an offbrand piece from Qutie Land from a few years back. The blouse is from Bodyline. The socks are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. The shoes are from Tatayana Boutique. The wig is from Gothic Lolita Wigs (and doubles as my Madame Mirage wig). The flowers are from the LA Fashion district. They’re like $1 a piece. I was joking with Jackie and Ashley about maybe doing a run for flowers and randomly giving them away at a meet.

15-DSC02084 16-DSC02085

There were two different tiers of afternoon tea – there was the standard tea and the standard tea plus champagne. Almost everyone ordered the latter. My significant other and I ended up upgrading. Each of us were given a choice of tea. I ended up going for the jasmine green tea. My other half went with the Boston black tea. Tea treats were an assortment of tea sandwiches and desserts. We also had a basket full of scones. Additionally, the Langham sold two of their tea mixes. My imzadi ended up buying the Langham style tea for his brother and sister-in-law as a Christmas present.


I also tried getting pictures of everyone’s coords – this was a huge group and perhaps one of the largest lolita meets I’ve attended. I have only attended one other ILD in the past – it was the meet up at Upstairs in the Square two years ago. Since we had two communities in attendance, it made sense that we had over 30 frilly princesses at the Langham. There were a variety of coords – sweet, classic, brand, offbrand, etc.

01-DSC02070 02-DSC02071 03-DSC02072 04-DSC02073 05-DSC02074

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And there was male significant other island:



After tea, we all conglomerated into the main lobby for a massive group photo.

38-DSC02107 39-DSC02108 40-DSC02109 41-DSC02110 42-DSC02111 43-DSC02112


Some Lolitas went to go grab bubble tea around the corner after the event while others had to take the train or drive home. Overall, I had an awesome time at this meet up. It was nice to see familiar faces. It was also nice getting to know new people a lot better. Many thanks to the hostesses – Madeline Hatter, Jessi, and Kristen for hosting this event. I look forward to what both communities can come up with International Lolita Day 2015.

44-DSC02113And after talking to a few girls about the Angelic of Music release, I think I’ll go ahead and place that pre-order…giving in to peer pressure!


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