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Originally, I was setting out a feeler if anyone wanted to explore the Roslindale Farmers Market with me at the end of September. I had the weekend free and I just learned that there were a few new Lolitas living in Roslindale Village. It was one of those last minute requests to see if anyone would be up for meeting up on a weekend. Princess Gigglesnort also had free tickets to the Boston Museum of Science that same day. With our powers combined, we merged both meet ups into an all day affair. For the meet up, I had my chance to wear my sailor lolita dress from Pennyhouse. A word to the wise – if you do order this dress from Pennyhouse, get one size larger. I had to make some adjustments on the bust line to get it to fit properly and modestly.

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Orange Line to Roslindale Village

The first stop was the Roslindale Farmers Market. Because the park was under construction, it was held at the MBTA commuter lot. Several of the vendors complimented on our outfits and asked where it was from. At the farmers market, not only you can grab fresh fruit, but you can also find honey, maple syrup, interesting flavors of pop corn, scented soaps (one of the Roslindale Village stores sells them year round), jewelry, and a whole lot more. It’s worth it to check it out. The Roslindale Farmers Market is open between August and November. Bring cash – most vendors will take cash over plastic.

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Sophia’s Grotto and Coords

After grabbing a few things from the farmers market, we had a quick lunch at Sophia’s Grotto. It’s a hole in the wall place in Roslindale Village. They have Italian food at typical sit down restaurant prices. I’m quite biased since I lived in Roslindale my first year in Boston. It’s one of the best hole in the wall places I’ve been to and I always enjoy sharing my favorite places to dine with good company.

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Orange Line to the Green Line and to the Museum of Science

Thanks to Princess Gigglesnort, we got free admission to the Boston Museum of Science. I’ve never been to the museum before. I had missed out on previous Lolita meets at said museum. The last time I recall ever going to a science oriented museum would have to be the LA Science Center when they had their Star Wars exhibit. While the museum is quite tiny compared to the LA Science Center and San Francisco’s, there were a ton of interactive exhibits. I think my favorite one hat to be the electricity room where you saw lightning generated. I liked the variety of sciences highlighted – the lower floors went over zoology and ecosystems. I’d love to come back to the museum to explore a little bit more. One of the featured exhibits was the food exhibit (hence the photo of myself and the leek above).

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Overall, it was a rather busy day around Boston. A few of us went to Sophia’s Crepes for a post-dinner. I had the frozen hot chocolate since my partner was already making me dinner at home. I really do like Lolita meet ups where we can explore different parts of the city and hope we can do more in the future. Thank you to Marmalade Sky, Erica, Ashley, and Princess Gigglesnort for the awesome day in frills.


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