[ModernLife] September Swap Meet & Picnic


I must confess I slept in on the day of the event. The swap meet and picnic started at 11AM. I woke up at 11:15AM. I figured I’d take my time before arriving to the Public Garden – it’s not too far of a train ride via the Green Line. I stopped by Shaw’s to pick up a fruit bowl to keep thins healthy – a Lolita cannot live on macaroons alone. I arrived just as people were heading out. However, I managed to purchase a blouse from a friend. Even though I did not have cash on hand, PayPal mobile does wonders for those of us who prefer to carry plastic. The swap meet was small – a handful of local girls showed up to the event to swap and snack. I’ve always felt the Public Garden was a very underused place to take photos of cosplay, Lolita, or otherwise – there’s plenty of nice backgrounds for photos.

I spent most of the day with Jessi, Kristen, and Carrie – we went to Chinatown for sweets and bubble tea. I don’t get to explore Chinatown too often – it was nice to explore stores that had all the cute things!

Mostly Coords

That’s that for now. I won’t be attending RuffleCon this year, but I hope to see you soon at the next Lolita meet. I’ll be hosting a Roslindale farmers market meet at the end of the month, be sure to check it out if you have free time early Saturday, September 27th. There seems to be some interest in a meet up at Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge. I’d be more than happy to host a meet there if anyone shows interest. Also, for SoCal readers, I may consider hosting a OC Lolita meet up at Paris in a Cup in downtown Orange (followed by cupcakes and cream soda!)

– Scarlet

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