[ModernLife] “The Wind Rises” @ Somerville

2-DSC09731Talk about last minute decisions to make it to a meet up! For a while, there was talk on the Boston Lolita facebook group to go see “The Wind Rises.” I was quite curious about the movie. Though I could be happy with just watching it on DVD, I’ve heard nothing but good things about this movie. Like most movies not in wide release, screenings were very limited. This was something that your AMC 20 was not screening. Luckily, the greater Boston area has a ton of theatres in various parts of town! The meet was planned after Anime Boston in hopes that more people could make it. We had a very tiny meet up in Davis Square to see Miyzaki’s last animated feature.

Coord Rundown

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Because this was a more casual meet, I wore what I wore the day before. I used my    standard Innocent World blouse, Alice and the Pirates’ operetta in pink (plus the matching bows), just used my normal hair, and offbrand tights and shoes. The necklace is from PipStarPop because I love my mirror themed jewelry.  So, its essentially my go-to outfit for the more relaxed meets.

“The Wind Rises”

The movie was screening at the Somerville Theatre. It was just right outside the Davis Square T station – it was very hard not to miss. It was not your typical movie theatre – they had showings of other classic movies during the month. The theatre was right in the basement in a cozy screening room. The movie itself was very sweet – it’s not surprising that Studio Ghibli does a great job with visual storytelling. While the release was dubbed, the actors (Joseph Gordon Levitt, John Krasinski, Martin Short) did a fine job in this biographical look at Jirô Horikoshi. Without giving too much away, this is worth seeing for the visuals and the emotional hits you’ll feel towards the third act. There is a romantic subplot in the third act, but it doesn’t detract from the overall story.

The Food

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There were two places we stopped by for noms. Right before the screening, Kiki and I went to JP Licks to grab coffee. JP Licks is a local ice cream cafe with special flavors of the month. I bought myself a cappucino to enjoy during the screening – theatre was okay with attendees bringing outside food. After the showing, we went to Mr. Crepe right next door. Having not explored the Davis Square area at all, I was really impressed by these crepes. While I would not go an hour out of my way from the green line to Davis Square just for crepes, this was a really nice place to relax and really catch up with other Lolitas in the community. I ordered a savory “super crepe” – it was definitely filling and it went well with the jasmine tea.


I’m glad I forced myself to get out of the apartment. Again, this was a very last minute meet up and I liked the relaxed and intimate vibe from it. I haven’t been to a formal community meet since December. We talked a lot about some future ideas for Lolita meet ups in the great Boston area and I definitely look forward doing them sooner rather than later.

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