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First meet up of the year! The idea was conceived on the Boston community Facebook group after the New York community had a mini “old school” egl meetup late last year. There were a few “veteran” frilly j-fashionistas who were planning this event in the hipster part of greater Boston. We originally decided to go for yogurt, a movie, and conclude the night at Shabu Zen. However, plans changed and it was essentially Shabu Zen and a jaunt over to frozen yogurt.

The Coord

I decided to wear something I have not worn since 2008. Back in 2004 when I was slowly getting into egl fashion, it was quite rare to acquire brand. Most j-fashionistas either made their own egl clothes or had a shopping service obtain the brand from Japan. My coord is from Fanplusfiend. It was originally in back, but I requested if they could do a sax version of the dress. In the spirit of “old school,” I didn’t wear a wig. The head dress was made by my friend, Claudine R. Puente as a gift before I knew how to sew.



And Everyone Else’s Coords

My apologies, I was too wrapped up in tasty food to get everyone at Shabu Zen





Shabu Zen

Shabu Zen is a different type of dining experience. You might have heard of “hot pot” or “shabu shabu.” If this is new to you, let me explain it as best I can. Shabu shabu is where you take an assortment of vegetables and some raw meat and cook them in a flavored broth. About 2-3 people share the same broth and cook their meals in them. It’s an interesting experience. Also, not recommended for frilly fashionistas with bell sleeves. (I should know)  I’ve been to the Shabu Zen in Chinatown a few times. The Allston location is much close to where I live, though I’ve never had the chance to check it out. The nice thing is that this place was under $20 per person and you really did get what you paid for. It was a very filling meal and if you’re doing this for the first time, don’t wear anything too long sleeved and take your time while boiling your food. We were given a cozy part of the restaurant where us girls can socialize and catch up. 01-DSC00461 02-DSC00462 03-DSC00463 04-DSC00464



FoMu – No Worries, It’s Not Cursed

I always feel the need to quote “The Simpsons” when offered frozen yogurt. FoMu is a vegan yogurt place in Allston. Rebecca and I joked that it’s where hipsters get their ice cream. I wasn’t quite sure how vegan yogurt works. FoMu has a unique style;they use coconut in their frozen delights. I was actually hoping they’d have a pina colada flavored snack. However, they were very generous of offering up samples. I really did like the mint chip, but I decided to go on a flavor adventure and go for the chocolate cinnamon with sprinkles. It was a delicious treat to wind down the day.



It was really nice to have a mini meet in January in spite of the cold. It also gave me an excuse to wear my first lolita-style dress from college. I look a whole lot different in it now than I did when I wore back back in my undergrad days. Many thanks to the Boston Lolita Community for hosting this event- shoutouts to Darcy and Rhi for picking out some awesome places to go and planning this meet. I’ll be at the Rhode Island ice skating meet up in February. I’m looking forward seeing everyone again!


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