[ModernLife] Newbury Spring Stroll


Coord Info: A while back, Li Mei and I did a group order at Innocent World. They had their usual sale. I’ve always wanted a brown coord to go with a brown fedora. The necklace is from a mori lolita booth at Katsucon 2013 Artist Alley. The wig is from Goth Lolita wigs. I just found it amusing that Lei Mei wore the same color and Ashley had the same style, but in a different color (sans the pig tails). The socks are from the Another Anime Con 2012 swap meet from Metamorphose. The blouse is from Innocent World’s boutique set up from PMX 2010. I picked up the hat on the day of of the event at H&M.


Location: Ashley and I were co-hosting this event. At first, we were thinking about having a Lolita meet up at Taza Chocolate and do the tour. Unfortunately, they did not do tours. Instead, we came up with a Plan B. Since spring was in the air, we thought it would be nice to have a nice lunch at Snappy Sushi followed by chocolate at LA Burdick’s. Because Newbury Street is a poppin’ location for shopping (especially for loli-ables), we thought about making it a window shopping day. We had some out of towners (Rhode Island and Western Mass.) attend, so this was a treat for them too; an excuse to hit up downtown Boston. As recent Boston transfers (both of us moved to the Commonwealth in late August/ early September), we were not anticipating so many people showing up on the day before the Boston marathon – there were plenty of tourists, but they complimented and loved our outfits.


Food: First, we had a group of seven at Snappy Sushi. Snappy Sushi is comparable to any budget. I’ve ate here a few times and always loved the service. We were given the first floor table. It seats up to 10 people; good for large parties. The nice part is that they take reservations. Overall, the food was great as the company we were with. Following Snappy Sushi, we went to LA Burdick which was the next place down. LA Burdick is more a cafe, it’s hard to find seats that accommodate for larger groups. It was pretty chilly and windy outside, so we all grabbed hot chocolate and delectable confections. The hot chocolate can be best described as drinking a very rich chocolate bar; super strong!


Extras: Newbury Street has a ton of stores to look at. Ashe pointed out that Newbury Street is going to get a new make up store soon (Benefits). All of us rushed to Lush to grab some scented sundries here and there. After spending sometime at Lush, we all smelled like bath salts. We essentially went up Newbury Street to find goods and Loliables (or accessories that would work for Lolita). It was nice that much of the Lolitas were also into cosplay, and we were also looking for accessories that would work for future cosplay plans.


Overall: This was my first time (co)-hosting a meet up. While I was disappointed that Taza Chocolate does not do private group tours on weekends, this was a fun get together. I was really happy that people were flexible for a plan B change up. No one complained or started drama over it. I think everyone was just looking for an excuse to hang out and be frilly before finals start up. As a career lady, it’s nice to just be around people that enjoy the same things you do. I felt I really needed the good company to be around. I was happy to meet new people and I’m glad everyone had a nice time! Thank you everyone for showing up and thanks to our lovely photographers too!


Photos: All Here

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