[Con Report] Anime Expo ’19: Live Wire

Anime Expo 2019 took place on July 4 to July 7, 2019 in downtown Los Angeles. This four day event is the largest anime convention in the world. The event brings together industry persons and fans alike from the most hardcore otaku to the casual manga reader. Anime Expo is an exciting time. Even for the most jaded attendee, Anime Expo is almost a must to attend. One cannot deny the once in a lifetime event to see their idols up close and get a VIP meet and greet with Aqours, attended world premieres, get access to exclusive merch, or just finding like minded folks in fandom. Anime Expo brings over 100,000 anime lovers around the world. Everyone has a different must-do in mind be it merch, concerts, making friends, and more. Downtown Los Angeles is the stage for this gathering of industry folks and fans. With the summer heat beating down on thousands of attendees, how far will you suffer for fandom?

State of the Industry: Take Me To the Top

Idols Run the World: Girls, Girls, Girls

Cosplay Life: Shout at the Devil

Shopping: Too Young to Fall in Love

AX Culture: Same Old Situation

@JaredTheGreek’s Hot Take: Looks that Kill

@EriKagamiSews’ Hot Take: Kickstart My Heart

Food Review: Okamoto Kitchen

Podcast: Zero Hour #150

Gallery: Facebook

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