[Fanime ’19] One More Time

Eri Kagami

Fanime calls the San Jose Convention Center it’s home. They have been calling it home since 2004. I recall when the arcade was in the hallways where the food stands are and when the fountains graced the entrance. Since then, the SJCC has seen expansion which is perfect for the ever growing size of Fanime Con. San Jose is generally safe. When attendees are around, there’s always a crowd crossing the street. It was chilly in the 60s and 70s (and a chance of rain) during Fanime Con weekend. This is typically uncanny for this time of year. However, hotels are close in proximity to power walk into the convention center.

Traveling to Fanime from Southern California can be done by car, bus, or plane. We typically prefer flying because it’s quicker and our Southwest points rack up. Flying allows us to have more time during the con and to get much more rest. Do keep in mind if you plan to go this route, transportation from the airport to the hotel. There’s the VTA and rideshare. A one way rideshare will cost up to $16.

We stayed at the Fairmont, a lovely hotel that houses panels and the maid cafe. However, there was a worker strike wherein we were not given the best service. They also charged extra for a fridge. This was very inconvenient for those with insulin or perishable food. They also would not refill our toilet paper or towels. So much so, members of our hotel room had to use the bathroom in the lobby.

There’s a few food places nearby. While the street dogs are the most common cheap eats, Johnny Rocket’s and Peggy Sue’s a neat hangouts if you want to chill with friends. These places fill up fast though. I would recommend bringing or packing a lunch. Outside food is allowed in the convention center.



Jared the Greek

The San Jose Convention Center is one of the better facilities for events, especially now with the expansion.  The main building has more than enough room for a huge dealer hall, a robust artist alley, and an impressive gaming area.  The facility also has enough room for the various cosplay gatherings that occur throughout the day. Often times they had two or three occurring at the same time, but it didn’t obstruct the area too much.  The Fairmont held all the panels for the weekend and they were all located in one central area that makes it easy to find a room. Four panel rooms running was perfect for the convention and the time between panels was enough to make it to a different room down the hall if you want to panel hop during the weekend.  Finally, the Double Tree was used for the “silver Island” area, which held all the adult events. Most people who went there were very disappointed, but I did not attend it so I can’t say for sure. It was a long way to go for very little in terms of offerings so skipping it is my general suggestion for those on the cusp of going.

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