[Fanime ’19] Crescendolls

Over the years I have had very interesting experiences with Fanime.  There have been some great years and some bad years. For a long time it was a convention I had no problem with skipping, but still went for various reasons.  Last year was my first year after a long break and it was an enjoyable experience. This year there were more challenges to be faced, but it was a memorable experience and I am very glad that I went. 

There is a generally positive vibe at Fanime, but there are some negative points that should be addressed.  I am not fond of street vendors as many of them can be rude and the smell is nauseating. The venders are not pushy, but they are everywhere and it can make the walk between buildings a little annoying.  Beyond that there are also the usual protesters that also make travel around the area a hassle. The next issue was that at times Stage Zero would be way too loud. Often it was difficult to talk with people in the convention center due to the noise created by the echoing music coming from Stage Zero.  Finally, as a warning, the Artist Alley can get very crowded making it a very uncomfortable location to explore. While there is very little the event staff can do about these problems, anyone hoping to attend Fanime should be aware of these issues.

Fanime is known for being a very fan friendly event.  The attendees pick up on that attitude and there tends to be a very positive vibe around the event.  While there is some crowding in some areas, most people are friendly with other attendees. There tends to be a very positive vibe around the convention.  There are good audiences for panels and gathering bring in a good amount of cosplayers and photographers. However, some photographers will set up in unusual locations which can make getting around the convention center and hotels a little irritating.  Despite a few bumps the vibe is mostly positive and at some events you could feel the hype. This is perhaps the best convention to attend Cosplay Wrestling Federation and Stage Zero gaming can be a fun distraction.

Overall, Fanime isn’t a perfect con, but it is one of the best conventions in California.  While there were some rough moments at Fanime I had a good time overall. My panels went well and the panels I attended were really fun.  This year I didn’t attend any late night programming, but I was out and about hanging with people and having a good time. The limited time I spent at the dance and karaoke was enough to tell that people were having a good time.  This convention is mostly dependent upon what you do at the event. Those who looked for fun had fun and those who didn’t do much seemed to not enjoy themselves. This was one of the best Fanime cons I’ve been to in a long time despite a few problems.  I’m looking forward to returning next year and having more fun. 



  1.       Last minute packing
  2.       Major headaches
  3.       See Dub Eff!!!
  4.       Next Cosplay: Something-something Gundam
  5.       Mech Panel went great
  6.       Waifu Warfare had a great crowd
  7.       Lupin is still one of my favorites to run
  8.       I was really expecting a surprise 4th panel
  9.       Let’s get a milkshake
  10.   Sometimes it’s too crowded
  11.   Turn it down
  12.   No wigs
  13.   Sleep, what’s that?
  14.   RE: 12 – Granted I skipped those costumes
  15.   I missed Chris
  16.   Note to Self: Pack more substantial food
  17.   No shopping
  18.   Wandering at night
  19.   I hate that smell
  20.   Salute!
  21.   So much panel hopping
  22.   Comedy panels that don’t involve improv?
  23.   RE: 22 – APPROVED!
  24.   Love that gaming room
  25.   Had some good food
  26.   Tried to avoid babysitting
  27.   Too many phones, not enough chargers
  28.   New ideas keep coming
  29.   Avoided the Con Center for the most part
  30.   Wish I’d done more gaming
  31.   May was a crazy ride
  32.   Good roomies
  33.   Hello Chika!
  34.   I should have got that SD Crossbones
  35.   Think Bigger
  36.   Sunglasses indoors like a jerk
  37.   Fanime feels like it should

Written by Jared the Greek
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