[Con Report] Long Beach Comic Expo ’19 ~ I Wish

Long Beach Comic Expo 2019 took place on February 16-17, 2019 at the Long Beach Convention Center in downtown Long Beach. Going up against Gallifrey One in Los Angeles and Katsucon, one of the most popular conventions for cosplay photos, Long Beach Comic Expo seemed to fare well given the competition. Granted, both the Expo and Comic Con shows have been relatively getting smaller over the past year. However, A-list guests for the comic industry do make an appearance. This year, Comic Expo brought back Space Expo, an aerospace themed programming track for all ages. On the comics side, we saw Dan Didio and industry names appear. Animators who worked on Wreck it Ralph also appeared as part of the programming track.

Scarlet Rhapsody has been with both Long Beach shows since day one. We love following and supporting our backyard comic con!

Con Report: I Wish

Podcast: Zero Hour #143

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