[Comic Con Revolution ’18] The Saga Begins

Ready Set Geek: Intro to Podcasting

This panel was hosted by a podcast team that discussed the basics of running a podcast.  The hosts were friendly and talked about the origins of their group and how over time they were able to expand beyond their first show.  In addition they discussed the tools and software that help making producing podcasts much easier.  After their discussion about methodology they went into discussing how to get your show out to the public and the importance of having a few shows produced early just in case complications occur.  The end of the panel was a Q&A session that continued into the hallways after the panel ended.  This was a great beginner’s panel as well as a way to meet the Ready Set Geek team.

Nerd Rage (With Paul Jenkins!)

This was a different kind of interview panel as the hosts tried to get Paul Jenkins, writer of the Wolverine comic Origin, to show his anger at the failure that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  However, Paul was a bit calmer than they expected.  In fact, he had almost forgotten that they had made a terrible movie based on his amazing comic.  Some of the more interesting parts of the discussion were Paul’s original plan for Origin 2, which never happened since Marvel went a different direction.  It seemed like Paul Jenkins wasn’t too happy with the current state of mainstream comics and preferred to do his own creator owned work instead.  While the possibility of a professional getting salty about a bad adaptation seemed like a good idea, much more was gained from a calm creator talking about the problems with movies and comics.


Make Mine Mecha

This was the first time this panel was presented in Southern California.  It covers the history of Japanese giant robot related anime series and how the genre evolved.  From the early years of the 60s up to the late 90s discussing the key series that helped develop the genre and create franchises that continue on to this day.  There was a large audience and despite a minor technical issue we were able to run the panel well and educate the audience on the history of some not well known (in the US) series.  This was our first panel we ran at the convention and it was a good experience for both our staff and the audience.

Mythology in Final Fantasy

This was our second time running this panel and the title brought in a big audience that were excited to learn more about the history behind the creatures and weapons of the many Final Fantasy games.  This time there were a couple new additions that helped expand the panel.  This was an easy panel to run without visual aids and thus was run no different than the previous time.  The audience really liked the panel and had a few questions about other creatures from the series after the panel.  Each time this panel is run it improves and that makes it one of the most enjoyable panels to run.


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