[My Fair Lady] Kirameki Spring Tea Party With Misako

I’ve been following Misako Aoki for some time now. She’s a model for major brands of Lolita clothing. However, the reason why I follow her is because I’m a fan of Disney parks, she posts a lot about traveling to Disney parks in Asia in her Lolita fashion. While I don’t really swoon or get starry eyed around models, having a tea party in spring in the South Bay gave me an excuse to dust off my JSK’s sitting in my closet and get my frilly butt to the tea party. The Los Angeles community is fairly mixed; a large community can be overwhelming, particularly when you know very few people. There have been “Harajuku Days” and “Akiba Days” in Little Tokyo. I mainly have been going to the Disney Lolita Days since moving to Southern California. Misako Aoki happened to be in town and wanted to host a spring themed tea party. Knowing that I had a few friends going, I decided to purchase my ticket as soon as sales opened up.


The Coord

Because it’s a spring event and Misako tends to dress more on the sweeter side, I busted my Vanilla-chan dress from the closet. I can’t remember the last time I wore Vanilla-chan, but it seemed appropriate. I didn’t bother with the petticoat since we would be sitting down for most of the time (and I didn’t know how close we would be sitting at the table).

The wig is from Goth Lolita Wigs. It is from the Doll Light series.

Vanilla-chan is a purchase from Angelic Pretty USA. I have the matching headband. Alas, not the matching socks – the socks are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

The shoes and blouse are from Bodyline. No problem with accidental tea spillage, it’s Bodyline.


Chado Tea Room (Torrance, CA) 

Chado Tea Room is located in Old Town Torrance, a place known for antiques, vintage clothing, and the best margarita’s you’ll ever have. This is a relatively new venue and it was large enough to fit in 30 or so Lolita’s in all their frills. We had compliments from guests. Misako sat in the center of the table – she was wearing the Rapunzel (Tangled) set from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. The Disney person in me was like, “She’s the fanciest Disneybounder ever!” My friends and I were whispering about one day doing Disney princess themed Lolita coords.


The first hour was served with hot tea. We had a choice between peach tea and fruity floral tea. We didn’t have a menu to indicate what teas and food were being served. We were just told it would be afternoon tea. Surprise! Our host at Chado Tea Room did indicate they serve wine flavored teas – may have to give that try next time around!

Our afternoon tea treats consisted of a salmon dill sandwich, cream cheese and chives sandwich, turkey and jam sandwich, egg sandwich, scones, macrons, and cookies. It was not so bad for afternoon tea. I just wish we had a chance to see what was on the menu and be able to pick and choose what teas we wanted. Otherwise, the sandwiches were savory.

Misako interacted with the guests. She stopped by our table; my friend talked about her indie brand, Sweet Rococo. Also, Misako’s translator introduced my other friend and I as cosplayers that normally dress up from idol anime. Misako also sold some of her merchandise – buttons and autographs. We also had a raffle for autographs and Misako related swag. 

Everyone’s Coords

I try to get pictures of everyone’s outfits at these events. If I missed you, my kind apologies. I loved how everyone had cute spring outing frocks! If took a photo of you, you’re very much welcomed to use it on your social media.



I had a splendid time at this event. I did meet some really chill Lolita’s from the Los Angeles area. I hope we can keep in touch one way or another! Many thanks to Misako and Himitsu Events for putting this together. Also, thank you to my friends who informed me of this event. It probably would have gone off my radar! Thank you to Chado Tea Room – I really liked this venue and hope to check out again when I’m not in frills. I hope more events pop up like this in the Los Angeles area. I’m very aloof when it comes to the Lolita and j-fashion community, but I’ll take any opportunity to have afternoon tea.


Written by: Eri Kagami IG: @erikagamisews Twitter: @erikagamisews Fashion IG: @afelineofspectre


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