[Escapade] Disneyland Lolita Day 2017: Peacewalker

While I don’t delve deep in the world or ruffles and lace as much anymore, it is always fun to dress up fancy for the Disney Parks. I always enjoy Disneyland Lolita Day because I love seeing everyone’s outfits and see the bounds that they inspire. We had several Duffy and Gelatoni themed outfits. This is the fifth year that Disneyland Lolita Day has been going on. This year’s theme was “Go out and have fun!” A simple enough descriptor of the days events. There were commemorative buttons for attendees including legacy buttons for those who have attended all five years. I’ve only attended two out of five (including this year). It was a scorcher on Disneyland Lolita Day – 95 degrees and the weather would not cool down until 6PM. However, I stuck with my all black everything and just stuck with it! I knew this would be my last time to dress up fancy and enjoy all of the Halloween decorations that the parks had to offer.


The Outfit / The Coord

I immediately feel in love with the Bastet dress from Fan Plus Friend. My Lolita buying habits have reduced to one dress a year. I really like ancient Egyptian history. My partner has often times compared me to Bastet to his Toth. The wig is from Tasty Peach Studios. The hair piece is from The Vintage Darling. I wanted to go for a Dark 1920s look. I’ve always wanted to do an Egyptian themed outfit to represent the 1920s. I also feel that black cats work for Halloween themed decorations. The earrings are a gift from a dear friend with the most beautiful heart.


Disneyland Lolita Day

The theme this year was “Go out and have fun!” There were only three scheduled items on the calendar – button pick up, castle photo, and Mad Tea Party. It was a really crowded and hot day in the parks. There were even instances where queue areas weren’t very well ventilated to the point where you can smell everyone’s farts and comic con levels of stench. It doesn’t get this bad, it was to the point where I was spraying my 1940s Besame perfume on my hands. I also stopped and did Haunted Mansion on Holiday with Vintage Visitors. (would have loved to stayed longer, but it was a crazy day!) Granted, I had fun by just meeting with random people I knew at the parks.

Disney Lolita Day Coord Photos


Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark

The last of the new Halloween things that I haven’t done. I decided to do this on a whim because I didn’t know the next time I would be in the parks during Halloween Time. I heard nothing but good things about the Halloween layover. During the day, it’s your standard Mission Breakout attraction. Around about 5PM or so, the attraction becomes a sequel onto itself. Basically, Groot is lost in the Tivan building and you gotta help Bradley Cooper find is friend and get to the roof to escape. The atmosphere of the queue is different – static shots of security cameras paired with still images of Tivan. It’s a chaotic mess once you enter in. In the short amount of time they have to change from regular Mission Breakout to Monsters After Dark – it’s impressive how much you can change an attraction with lighting, music, and video. There’s a few nods to Tower of Terror here and that made my bitter heart melt.

The attraction itself is an experience like no other at Disney. The soundtrack is an original track (which I desperate need in my Sony Walkman…for real, they have MP3 players now) that is very much inspired by Motorhead. It has a very “Ace of Spades” vibe to it that you can’t help but rock out to it. I liked the sci fi horror motif to Guardians of the Galaxy more than Space Mountain’s overlay with Ghost Galaxy. It’s been less than 24 hours since I went on Monsters After Dark, but I have to say…with the atmosphere of flashlights and red lights around you and the metal soundtrack they gave to this attraction, I liked it better than Tower of Terror.

If there’s any chance I’ll be back before October 31, I would love to check out Monsters After Dark again.

I wonder what the holiday overlay will look like…Groot needs Christmas decorations?


Miscellaneous Snaps

Obligatory pumpkin head photo

Just got out of Autopia. As a current car buyer looking at the market, this will be the only Honda’s I dare test drive.

Fun Fact: The submarines did get a ghostly overlay in the late 80s wherein the submarine was taken over by 1950s music to tie in with the Blast from the Past theming.

Finally rode on the 50th anniversary pony. It’s an enchanted candy carousel!

“SING MY ANGEL OF MUSIC!” “How about ‘no’?”

We found someone to take care of the pest problem at Jedi Training Academy.

When you have two Hetalia fangirls go on it’s A Small World…and realize European Axis countries are right next to each other.

With Zan, fleet commander of It’s a Small World.

Hey Reddit…you can have him!

One of my favorite photo spots in Launch Bay.

“That’s not a Shabat table, Jared,”

Castle photo. The sun sucks.

Joshua and Crystal

Discussing that Land Girls and Bomb Girls needed more seasons. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for second season of Ship Girls. I want Bismarck and Iowa action!Hanging out by the Gracey estate graveyard. Because that’s what normal people do.

And here’s the part where we break out into “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair” from South Pacific!

Attraction Count

  1. Star Tours: The Adventure Continues
  2. Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy
  3. Autopia
  4. Finding Nemo
  5. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  6. Snow White’s Bizarre Adventures
  7. Pinochio’s Bizarre Adventures
  8. King Arturia’s Carousel
  9. Small World
  10. Jedi Training Academy
  11. Star Wars Launch Bay
  12. Mark Twain
  13. Haunted Mansion on Holiday
  14. Star Tours: The Adventure Continues
  15. Star Tours: The Adventure Continues
  16. Enchanted Tiki Room
  17. Fire men band (outside of the firehouse)
  18. Five and Dime
  19. Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark

(35 attractions is the DLD record to beat)


Quotes and Inside Jokes

“Game time started.”

“Hey! It’s Mulan! Let’s ask if she has szechuan sauce.”

“Jared called that the Shabat table when it’s really for Sabat.”

“I just realized the Axis countries are next to each other.”

“I feel far from good.”

“Good. Good. Let us counter attacking.”

“Ace of spades! Ace of spaces!”

“He IS Germany to Jared’s Austria. For real!”

“Have you talked to…lately?” “We don’t talk about that…”

“Cosplay drama?” “More like Days of Our Lives and dress porn drama!”

“Jared and Jackie need to do a cook off! First challenge – tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich!”

“Stay delicious.” “Only for you, Bradley Cooper.”

“Just because I look like a pretty princess doesn’t mean I can’t embrace my inner Sith.”

“And now is like Nightmare on Elm Street – Rick and Morty version.”

“Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.”



It was a very busy day for me. It was also one of the more busier days in the parks. I did like seeing people I don’t get to see too often. It was nice running into people and hanging out. Shoutouts to Robert, Crystal, Joshua, Zan, Nolan, and the fabulous folks at Vintage Visitors – you made this 95 degree day bearable. Many thanks to the staff and team behind Disney Lolita Day. This is one of the few Lolita events that I attend. I really liked coming up with a dark 1920s coord to also tie in with dressing up in vintage reproduction. I loved all the compliments I was getting on my dress. It does give me motivation to wear this dress often. I also felt bad because it was very touch and go with the friends I met up with because everything was happening so fast to the point where I just needed some me-time at the end of the day. I truly did like seeing all of you, even if it was for a brief moment. Next visit is Dapper Day weekend – still deciding on my outfit…

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