[My Fair Lady] Pamela’s Tea Room

It’s fairly rare that I will go out in Lolita fashion. I don’t belong to a local community, and that’s okay. I usually do things on my own accord or if there’s a special occasion these days. Today, we’ll take a look at afternoon tea at Pamela’s Tea Room in Garden Grove. Garden Grove is a suburban town in Orange County. Pamela’s Tea Room is not too far from the freeway and a studio that I often use for pinup photoshoots. This is a good place to keep in mind before I have to gussy up for a pinup photoshoot. It’s a small tea place nestled in a business park. I was expecting larger, but the coziness and the simplicity of Pamela’s Tea Room was a delight making this an Orange County hidden gem.


The Coord

This is the second time I’m wearing Princess Cat by Angelic Pretty. My friend, Kie, and I decided to be Princess Cat twins. Kie is wearing the regular version of Princess Cat in the pink colorway. I’m wearing the more simplified royal blue colorway that came with a free headbow. Angelic Pretty had these on sale the last time I was in San Francisco. I picked the set up and it fit decently. I still boob-loaf from these dresses, but it can’t be helped. I’m having tea with the girls, I don’t care what 12 people on the internet have to say about my chest.The wig is from Goth Lolita Wigs. The shoes and blouse are from Bodyline. Most of my make up is from Besame cosmetics. I’m wearing the American Beauty lipstick. The earrings are Luna and Artemis to go with the cat motif. I added in my Ravenclaw kitty pin from Tee Turtle. Because I need more excuses wearing my Princess Serenity necklace, I’m wearing mine from La Petite Deco.


Afternoon Tea

I went with the standard afternoon tea at Pamela’s. The way tea is set up is traditional British style. There’s no real menu listing for what tea’s are available. You would have to ask the server that tea’s they have. We went with a peach tea and traditional English breakfast. Milk and sugar were also served.

Savory tea treats that came with afternoon tea included a choice of sandwich (can be split into two flavors), British chips, and salad. I ended up going with the salmon with cream cheese and cucumber with cream cheese combo. It was very savory and hearty when paired with the fruity peach tea.

A very delectable presentation.

We also have our scones served after our savories. The cream was pretty standard, but the jelly was very sweet. I normally go for the cream when it comes to scones, but the combination of both made it a great way to end afternoon tea.



This was a very relaxing environment. While small, it provided and intimate space for small groups – great for catching up. This is also kid friendly – there’s a princess tea option for the little ones. Pamela’s Tea is nothing fancy, but if you’re looking for a tea place in the real OC for catching up with friends and colleagues (and don’t mind getting a little dolled up either), I highly recommend Pamela’s Tea Room. Before tax and tip, the cost for afternoon tea came to $20. This is also great for budget tea parties as well – you get a lot of value for what they serve!

Written by Eri Kagami
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