Anime Los Angeles was held at the Burbank Airport Marriot and Convention Center. This is Traveling Valentine's third round at this convention. The event took place on the first weekend of 2008. Many remember the infamous Anime Los Angeles 2007 where it was known for staff Nazis left and right. Chaz Boston Baden, convention chair, promised that ALA would recover from its losses and make 2008 a much better con. Chaz toured several conventions, making many apologies, and talked to attendees to see how ALA could be better.

Suffice to say, many of the typical Anime Los Angeles convention reporters (Lionel Lum, Eurobeat King, Consplayers, Team Misaki, and Fansview) were unable to attend ALA because of the previous year. Traveling Valentine delivers the many happenings at Anime Los Angeles and perhaps answer the question, "Did Chaz follow up with his promse?"

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