Power Rangers Movie: Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa revealed!

Here she is, Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa in the upcoming Power Rangers movie!


My first reaction was:


Artist: Setz


This is such a huge deviation from Rita Repulsa that I grew up with, I don’t even know what to say. It looks… awkward. There are too many edges, to GREEN, too simplistic, and did I mention how green it looks? She certainly has the evil look, so you have that going well. But it just seems like someone tried too hard to create fantasy D&D evil sorceress, only to wind up with next League of Legends character.

There is fan theory that she might become Green Ranger at the end of the movie, which is full-on hogwash. Why would you turn Rita into Power Ranger? Yes, Astronema (Power Rangers in Space) became pink ranger in Lost Galaxy, but there were tons of build ups that led to the point. Not to mention, Astronema was a underling to Dark Spectre, so she wasn’t the main villain to begin with.

Again, I will have to see it in action. But initially, I can’t fully embrace the design. It just doesn’t click with me in many aspects.

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