[Escapade] Dark Blue Moon ~ Dapper Day Spring 2016

This is my first time ever attending Dapper Day at Disneyland in Anaheim. I first heard about it when I was living in Boston. Considering I love mid-century fashion and live for it, this event was something I’ve been dying to do for years. Now that I live in Orange County, I decided to go ahead and go for it. I did attend Dapper Day Expo Fall 2015, but I did not have an annual pass at the time. However, I did have time right after Viva Las Vegas to attend my first ever Dapper Day.


The Coord


The dress is from Tatyana Boutique. I picked it up in Las Vegas a few weeks before. I used to go to the parks dressed up in periwinkle, saxon dresses. Hence, the choice of a blue dress. I ended up wearing a wig because I’m not so talented in doing my hair. The wig is from Goth Lolita Wigs. The cardigan is from ModCloth – a bit on the small side, but works as a caplet style cardigan. It was an overcast day with some humidity in the air; most of the time, I had my cardigan off.


And photos just because…

I didn’t really do many of the meetups because there was too much information all over the place. Also, almost everyone in the park was dressed up; it was hard to even do anything. For the most part, people were very friendly to take photos of me with my phone camera.

Obligatory, “I’m here!” selfie on the outskirts of Pixie Hollow.


Selfie with Mrs. Potts right outside of Tarzan’s treehouse.


Another selfie outside of Tarzan’s treehouse


Weather was already getting warmer by the time I got to the (docked) Mark Twain. Truly the best place to get Dapper Day photos – at least with my coord.









Dapper Day Expo

I actually did stop by Dapper Day Expo at the Disneyland Hotel very briefly. I was able to make it to the last hour. I might have picked up a skirt or two in such little time I had. I met my sister who was Disneybounding as Minnie Mouse. There were a few displays and places to take cute photos. However, after a day in the parks, I wasn’t really in the mood to drop big money on dresses like I did at Fall Dapper Day. However, it was also nice seeing the Pinup Girl Clothing Mary Blair dresses up close and just trying out dresses I’ve been curious about. Looking forward to Fall Dapper Day 2016!



Final Attraction Count

  1. Indiana Jones
  2. Tarzan
  3. Pirates
  4. Haunted Mansion
  5. Winnie the Pooh
  6. Splash Mountain
  7. Mark Twain
  8. Big Thunder Mountain
  9. Star Wars LB
  10. Autopia
  11. Hyperspace Mountain
  12. Matterhorn
  13. It’s a Small World
  14. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
  15. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  16. Parade from Hell

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