[ConTV] Otakon 2013: Fate / Otakon ~ kaleid

Convention: Otakon 2013

Location: Baltimore, MD

Editor’s Notes: Otakon was my birthday con. It was also the last con I attended before I moved to my brand new apartment. I wanted a song that highlighted the 20th anniversary of Otakon. I don’t normally do  modern songs for I Want My ConTV, I prefer throwbacks, but that’s a personal taste. As I was going through the 2013 Great Gatsby soundtrack, I found myself enjoying Fergie’s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.” I’ll admit the soundtrack is a guilty pleasure, I wanted to hate it because I’m a huge jazz snob, but the celebration part of the song really fit in with the 20th anniversary and just the fact I could celebrate a birthday at a con. Edited with Camtasia Studio on a hot August afternoon while recovering from Con-gitis.

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