[ModernLife] Lolitapalooza Music Festival 2: Karaoke Boogaloo

Photo Credit: HarmonyCloud. You can find more in her gallery.

Coord Info: I felt like going country style. I’m wearing an Innocent World JSK that I got during the summer sale. (I always get my brand marked down…unless I’m getting it in person). I have a Bodyline blouse. The necklace is from Sweet Mildred (I love anything with mirrors!). The hat is from It’s So Good jewelry (got that at half off!). The wig is from Goth Lolita Wigs (I also use it for Asami from Avatar: Legend of Korra). The tights are from Forever 21.

And our staff writer and photographer, Ashley, is also wearing her Angelic Pretty Dreamy Horoscope JSK with the matching socks and barrette!


Location: Do Re Mi, the Japanese style karaoke hub, is located in Allston Village. For some, it’s in a sketchy part of town. However, I didn’t really get that vibe (coming from San Francisco and LA). There’s not much to say about the surrounding area, save for a few hipster restaurants and a KFC. Rebecca brought some sushi rolls for the event so that we all had something to share. People brought in lemonade, cookies, and scones.


Music: Do Re Mi has a ton of songs in 13 different languages! Rebecca was cruising for anime tunes – we found the opening to Sailor Moon (which had the weirdest cgi video ever) and we ended the night with “Gangnam Style.” There were some modern, top 40 songs in the mix – “Treasure,” “Video Games,” “Thrift Shop,” “Bad Girls,” “Love You Like a Love Song,” etc were sung. I did some 80s and 90s throwback hits to the tune of “Danger Zone,” “California Love,” “Danger High Voltage,” “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” It was hilarious seeing the weird video to the karaoke. “Never Gonna Give You Up” had a poor man’s version of live action Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball and “Like a Virgin” had a janitor falling in love with a stripper. It was really cool to see everyone sing!


Overall:  Back in LA, we always had karaoke meet ups at MAX Karaoke either in Torrance or Little Tokyo. This was very nostalgic because I didn’t think Boston would have an Asian style karaoke place where you can reserve a private room. While the turn out was small, it meant for more songs and for more time to get to know each other. Michelle and Julie were newcommers to the Boston Lolita community. It’s always nice meeting new people! Many thanks to Rebecca for hosting this meet up – I’m always up for karaoke either in Lolita, cosplay, or even just regular threads.




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