[Staff Editorial] Smart Women Believe This Meme Sucks

Facebook is a funny place. I’ve seen some funny macros and cute images of pets doing things that would make you go “awww.” However, it is also a cesspool for stupidity and ignorance. While perusing through the Facebook news feed, it seems like I missed the memo. I had no idea it was “The Week in Misogyny.” One particular meme that is being passed around is “Women Believe” (pictured below). While it is uncertain where the image originated from or who was the author the reactions it has received ranged from “LOL” to “that’s disgusting.”

Rightfully so, I had to stare at the image to believe what I have read. Last I checked, we live in the 21st century and I thought we were behind assuming a woman’s place is barefoot and preggers. However, we also live in a world where “vagina” is synonymous to a four letter slur in a Michigan court.

Like another meme that was floating around, I wanted to make  counter meme, but I thought making an editorial response to this would educate and affirm that not all women believe that being concerned with looks to survive. From what I have seen in the nerd community – especially in the Lolita faction – both men and women perpetuate these notions: being overweight should be illegal and fat fangirls should not be allowed in Comic Con. I am not making this up.It is upsetting when women turn against their own and expect them to live up to the male gaze.

The meme in question.

“Excessive Make Up and Making Weird Faces…”

I never really got this trend. I always assumed it’s just people making funny with their camera phone. I don’t find it attractive, but I don’t find it offensive. I always say it as friends just derping around. Why condemn pointless girl friend time? Yeah, I’ll agree that it’s not the most flattering photo to post onto Facebook or Tumblr, but to each their own. I still remember when FranDanning was trending.

FranDan is so 2007

“They Should Be As Thin As Possible…”

Tale as old as time. I don’t like the ultra emaciated look. Kate Moss disgusted me in the late 90s. Even Bill Clinton said he loathed the thin-as-meth trend in the modeling industry. There is nothing wrong trying to be fit. Most women just want to tone and stay fit. Many of us are loud and proud about our curves…including me. Most women want a healthy figure – not a thin-as-meth.

“Men think a clicked pornstar look is sexy”

Well, Jesse Jane does have her moments, but there’s nothing wrong with fulfilling bedroom fantasy – whatever that fetish may be. Anime nerds I have talked to have archetypes that they are into – schoolgirls, glasses girls, maids, etc. If it’s a fantasy a significant other wishes to perform, that’s cool. Truth is, guys are into different things, but one should never compromise their definition of sexy to fit another person’s needs.

Ladies and Gents love the paper.

“Men think bigger is always better, with or without implants..”

There’s nothing wrong with liking large breasts. Large breasts can be fun! However, what gets to me is the comparative image. If you haven’t noticed, the images used here are from K-On, a series about schoolgirls that form a musical group (think Linda Linda Linda without the Koreans). They’re also Japanese and underage (by America’s standards). You. Do. The. Math.

This meme reeks of PedoBear, wouldn’t you say NBC?

“That jeans and boots are a good combination and heels make them look better”

I never really heard this one. Most women I know enjoy wearing flip flops. Then again, I live in Los Angeles where this is standard. Every lady has a different type of fashion sense. Smart girls dress for themselves in what makes them unique. This can be a pair of sweats and a t-shirt or boots, pleated skirt, and a jacket (my preferred style). Yes, while there are girls out there who dress to garner attention, this is not the case for all women.

Why not combine both? Boots and skirts – everyone is happy! Ah heck, rock what you want to wear. It’s all about coordination.

“Eyebrows are horrible”

The original author has never heard of trends from the 1940s. Many pin up models kept their natural eyebrows. I never got the idea of penciling in eyebrows, but I say…bring back Golden Age of Hollywood glamor!

F Yeah, Audrey Hepburn! All natural, all class.

“That in every gallery picture they should always be in this positive to look good.”

I’m a cosplayer and an amateur at working the camera (but I am willing to learn from the posing masters!). I hardly see this pose floating on my friends’ facebook gallery. Don’t tell me that a fictious catgirl schoolgirl can do it better. I suppose you could ask Rob Liefeld…

“That scene style, incomprehensible raccoon hair…”

No, that’s RedFoo and Skyblu. NEXT!

This is how I roll, animal print, pants outta control,

“That leggings and especially fake leather styled leggings are stylish”

The Ahkibarangers say otherwise – tight pants for all the boys and girls!

In conclusion, there’s plenty of ways to be adorable and beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is subjective. However, it gets really annoying when one dude or chick thinks their views mandate of what is acceptable and what is not. We already see this backwards behavior in mainstream media and we do not need it in nerd culture.

To compare what men think women assume to fictional underage schoolgirls is atrocious. Under this notion, women in their 20somethings need to act like moe schoolgirls. I am already tired of moe taking over anime. She’s cute as a button. I get it.

Ladies and Gents, please check yourself. Have you ever had unrealistic expectations of the preferred gender? Things to think about.

Diversity > Generic Moe Character Designs

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