[AMV: NS] Last Regret

Anime – Death Note

Song – Murder by The Ours

Editor – Not Spector

One of the rare ideas that Todd randomly mentioned to me and I actually did it. He made comment that this song kind of reminded him of Death Note. I listened and said “I’m making an AMV to this” and I did. The original concept was to have Light dying and regretting everything he did, with his last regret being the death of L his only worthy rival. However, the video did not come together like that. Sometimes that happens and still it turned out really good. It was in the Anime Vegas and Mikomicon contests and won 3rd best drama at Vegas and Runner-up best technical at Mikomi. Those wins are my second and third awards. That fact alone gives this video a good place in my heart.

Contest Appearances

Anime Vegas 2008 – Drama – Winner 3rd place

Mikomicon 2008 – Drama – Winner Runner-Up Best Technical

Nan Desu Kan 2009
– Category X

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