[Classy Cats] Pinup Parade in the Park Spring 2017

A few weeks after Dapper Day Spring, popular retro reproduction brand, Pinup Girl Clothing, hosted their bi-annual Pinup Parade in the Park. Pinup Girl Clothing usually does this in Spring and Fall. I usually attended the Fall event. I didn’t go last year because it was on the same weekend as Viva. There was no theme this time around. The turnout was smaller. We also shared the park with Bats Day. Contrary to my partner’s beliefs, Bats Day is not the day to wear your baseball sportsball hometeam gear. The event was also met by rain, but it didn’t stop us from dressing all fancy. Disneyland guests were wondering if it was Dapper Day: The Adventure Continues and were asking why people were dressed from the 1950s. We kindly explained what Pinup Parade in the Park was and they seemed to get it.


The Disneybound

Disneybounding is highly encouraged, but not required at Pinup Parade. Considering many of Pinup Girl Clothing’s dresses are inspired by Disney, My bound is based on the 1957 Silly Symphony, “The Truth About Mother Goose.” The bound is based on “Mary Mary Quite Contrary…” which is a nursery rhyme based on Mary, Queen of Scots. If you haven’t seen this animated short, it’s very well done. The animation style is very reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty. Even for 1957 Disney, they leave no page unturned in the queen’s unscrupulous life story from her many lovers to her execution. The dress is a blue Ava dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. The hat is from Elsewhere Vintage from downtown Orange. The fur collar is from China. The flower is from Nicoco Creations. The wig is from Goth Lolita Wigs.


Pinup Parade in the Park

Again the turnout was small, yet humble. I enjoyed talking to everyone I met during the event. Like past events, there were goodie bags being passed out at the main entrance. This time around, we got buttons, a Mary Blair sticker, and a discount code to Pinup Girl Clothing. Trivia was done twice during the event at the Small World esplanade. There were two group rides; one at Small World and King Arthur’s Carousel. I stuck around for both trivia contests and for the group ride at the carousel.


Everyone’s Bounds!


Good Times with Disney Characters

A lot of villains came out today because of Bats Day. It was like Fall all over again. I think it makes perfect sense for the queen who likes to do her own thing to hang out with the villains squad.


And other pictures from my visit as Mary Queen of Scots

Checking out Snow White’s grotto now that it finally opened up again.

A nice day out…before the rain

“Then in an attempt to regain the throne, Mary organized a sizable army which was defeated after a violent battle.” “Oh dear.”

Obligatory castle photo.

Good times on the Mark Twain

Storybookland – land of the giant ducks

Did this in the rain – go me?

“In my restless dreams, I still see that tower – the Hollywood Tower Hotel.” Seeing the collector’s warehouse at the end of Hollywood Land feels off. While I love Guardians of the Galaxy and I’ve gone on record saying this is my favorite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it feels it doesn’t fit Old Hollywood. It feels like the warehouse where them kids go to wave around them glowsticks in their underpants.

Radiator Springs Racers

Nerd friends!


Final Attraction Count

  1. Monorail
  2. Star Tours
  3. Matterhorn
  4. Small World
  5. Pinocchio
  6. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  7. Snow White’s Grotto
  8. Main Street horse drawn thing
  9. Star Wars Launch Bay
  10. Star Wars Jedi Academy
  11. Autopia
  12. King Arthur’s Carousel
  13. Hyperspace Mountain
  14. Tiki Room
  15. Jungle Cruise
  16. Tarzan’s Treehouse
  17. Mark Twain
  18. Splash Mountain
  19. Storybookland
  20. Dumbo’s Flying Elephants
  21. Radiator Springs Racers

“Hiss back!”


I had a great time at Pinup Parade in the Park. I usually roll these solo because my schedule during the day fluctuates. I do appreciate running into everyone. I feel kinda funky not recognizing people right away – particularly people I’ve been meaning to get to know more outside of Instagram. Pinup as a hobby and lifestyle has been one of the best things I’ve got into since moving to Southern California. I appreciate the community we have here. I appreciate that Pinup Girl Clothing is really fostering and creating that community through yard sales and having these events here. Prior to Pinup Parade, there was some conflict with Bats Day. I’m glad things turned out well between both groups. I did like seeing the old steampunk grandma’s in Victorian dresses outside the Haunted Mansion and strolling along Main Street. I always have a great time at Pinup Parade (save for my eff up during the trivia contest). I love seeing everyone’s bounds – very inspiring! Until next time, hope to see you all at future dress up events!

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