[Classy Cats] Roaring 20s Street Jam 2017

This was our second time checking out the Roaring 20s Street Jam. I really enjoyed last year’s atmospheric feel of a casual 1920s lawn party. While it’s not as huge as Boston’s epic mansion lawn party, this one is very low key. I’m glad that it’s growing and expanding and that the word is getting out. I was also quite flattered that Jared and I were featured on their advertising as the token couple sitting on the paper moon. We were quite honored to be offered VIP passes for this year’s lawn party. Of course, we had to tell our friends and bring them along. Our plans for the day were to have a larger picnic area, have simple snacks and a tasty lunch, and play a 1920s murder mystery game in Griffith Park.


The Outfit

Last year, I wore something from Loco Lindo LA. They’re a local dress store that specializes in rayon crepe 1930s and 1940s style day dresses. They mostly have floral patterns. I have a weakness for blue roses. My great aunt used to wear blue roses and even had her friends wear light blue and sport blue rose corsages. I wanted to carry on a family tradition in my style. I wanted to capture the grace of my great aunt and her timeless beauty. I’m wearing a hair accessory by Nicoco Creations, earrings by Pip Star Pop, and a charity bracelet for Boston.

Loco Lindo dresses are very nice for any weather and great for picnics that celebrate the era. Granted that this style is much more later, it does work with the timeless theme. The hair is a wig from Epic Cosplay Wigs (Diana in black). I have no idea how to do hair and make up of this time period on my own.


Stan’s Outfit

Stan called himself the Osamu Tezuka of the picnic. He felt like a classic manga artist. Most of the time, he was sketchy random paraphernalia at the picnic.


Debby Diamond’s Outfit

Sister and fellow pinup enthusiast, Debby Diamond’s outfit was my sailor dress I wore at my first 1920s lawn party. I bought this from TaoBao. It looked more of what teens would wear during the summer, but it works for the era.


Ethan’s Outfit

Ethan was between used car salesman and professor status.



Jared’s Outfit

Jared figured bow ties would be more 1920s than wearing a regular tie. He just busted one of my hair bows and put it on his collar.


David’s Outfit

David wore a traditional Filipino barong, or silky embroidered button up. Filipino Americans were getting their butts to America during this time period often finding migrant related work, especially up in Stockton. This is known as the “manong” generation. Looking like real Carlos Bulosan! Black Eyed Peas’ “Bebot” video illustrates this time period.


The Event

Roaring 20s Street Jam was a simple 1920s style picnic. Live jazz and country music was playing as ambiance. There were a few lindy hop lessons throughout the afternoon. There were also a few performances by Savvy Swing Dancers. They were fun to watch!

Immortalis Photography also offered their traditional tin type photoshoots by their 1907 Model T Ford. People were still welcomed to take photos by this classic beauty.

There was also croquet up the hill.

The merry go round where Walt Disney conceived Disneyland is also still operational and a great place for photos.


The Game

For this year’s 1920s lawn party, what my friends and I have always wanted to do is to play a round of Call of Cthulhu. Basically, it’s a murder mystery game with a supernatural twist set in the 1920s. You can choose to have any occupation or social standing in the 1920s. I played as a debutante party girl. Deb played as a bounty hunter. Stan played as a FBI agent. Ethan played as a former World War I medic. Jared moderated the game. Essentially, you have to use your skills based on your occupation and social standing to solve the mystery and also confront the paranormal. It was relaxing to play this outdoors with the ambiance of the time period. We had a lot of people asking what we were playing as things can get intense…



Even though I knew I’d had a relaxing time at this event, I’m very much glad that our friends decided to join us for the afternoon. I really like exploring different art deco and mid-century things to do outside of Dapper Day and Viva. I enjoyed all the compliments and curious passer by’s we got by our picnic blanket. It’s been a while since we’ve played Call of Cthulhu and solved paranormal murder mysteries, this was a nice day to get back into it. It was also nice seeing Loco Lindo LA and The Vintage Darling since we last seen each other aboard the Queen Mary. The nice thing about the art deco scene in LA is that it’s small and it’s very tight knit. Everyone is friendly towards each other. This hobby appeals to all ages – I’ve seen people bring their toddlers, people who could be my parents’ age, and people who are in our age group (youngest at 18, oldest at 33). I would recommend this event  for locals who are curious to try out more dapper themed events outside of Dapper Day and get a taste of 1920s lifestyle. Our next event will hopefully be the mansion lawn party at the City of Industry in the next few weeks. We are having another round of murder mysteries – anyone is welcomed to observe and check us out!

Written by Vicky Angel | IG: @AFelineofSpectre | Email: scarlet.rhapsody @ ymail.com


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