[ModernLife] Let’s Wear Pink to the Museum of Fine Arts


Lolitas at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (photo by HarmonyCloud)

One of my favorite types of Lolita meet ups revolve around exploring fine arts and culture. While I do enjoy my occasional sweets themed meet, I also like exploring other parts of Boston with frilly company. HarmonyCloud organized a meet up at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in late November. She had a friend from Germany visiting, so this was a really a nice opportunity to take her to a world renowned museum. During this time, there was a huge John Sargent collection on display – you could see it on the trains and everywhere things are advertised. Also during this time was the Pink Exhibit that highlighted fashion in the 20th century (with emphasis on pink).


What is Art? (photo by HarmonyCloud)

Coord Rundown

I wore my Vanilla-chan from Angelic Pretty to the meet up. We were encouraged to wear pink – even if you don’t own pink in your wardrobe, even having a ring or a rosette would still suffice. I wore my pink Vanilla-chan JSK with the matching headbow. The tights are from Forever 21. Because I haven’t had a chance to order pink or white tea party shoes (leaning towards white), I just wore simple flats – I imagined the museum was huge, so I wanted to wear something comfortable. The wig is from Epic Cosplay when I needed that last minute Rin Tohsaka wig at Anime Expo.


Photo by HarmonyCloud

The Museum

This place is huge! You would need an entire day to peruse through every single exhibit. Luckily, if you buy a ticket, you can go back to the museum within 10 days at no additional cost. We first looked through the gift shop. Having a weakness for cats, I went ahead and looked through the cat section.


“I used to like Siamese cats…until I met one.” “My bad!” (Photo by HarmonyCloud)

Often times, we were asked by tourists what we were dressed from. The answer of the day was that we were part of a Fashion Club. Terry did most of the answering to the bewildered tourists and art aficionados.


The Pink Exhibit itself was pretty small, but had a lot of content. Most highlighted just pink found in fashion around the world.

There were other exhibits. We passed by one of the more modern wings of the MFA. We were pretty much just doing a quick scan of various exhibits in the museum. For the most part, we stayed in one wing.

As I mentioned earlier, I returned to the museum to check out more exhibits. I went on the weekend after with a friend – both of us dressed in vintage clothing. It was really interesting to see some of the restoration projects – particularly the Monet painting where the artist was very enamored with Japanese culture that he wanted to integrated that in one of his pieces. Of course, I love seeing artifacts from the ancient world – if you love Ancient Egyptian history, you’ll love seeing the mummies, temples, and hieroglyphics.

After the meet, there was a group of us who decided to go to a local Japanese restaurant, Gyu Kaku (more on that in the upcoming Secret Santa post). Some people walked – it was about a 40 minute walk from the museum to the restaurant. The rest of us hopped in Kayla’s car and drove over. While we only spent time seeing only a fraction of the Museum of Fine Arts, I really enjoyed what I saw. I really would like to go back when the Japanese garden is up and running again. I wish I could have seen and spent more time with people I was just getting to know, but it is what it is. Many thanks to HarmonyCloud for hosting this Lolita meet up!


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