[Classy Cats] Start Dash ~ Miss Throw Down Pinup 2017

And so, it had to happen. I entered my first pinup contest. I heard about this particular pinup contest on the OC / LA Pinup group wherein they were still recruiting for more pinups. While I have entertained the idea of entering a pinup contest when I first started doing pinup shoots in Boston, I never thought being in pinup pageants were for me. The popular vote part of it is kinda intimidating, but thankfully, this one did not require popular vote to get into the final round. The contest was sponsored and hosted by Lady de Couture. The event was part of a benefit to help children with down syndrome. The event took place in Anaheim, not far from the Honda Center and a stone’s throw away from Wonderland Studios.

Original photo by JessW Photography


The Outfit

The theme of this contest was summer in the 1940s and 1950s. I picked the Enchanted Tiki Room dress from Vault 28 because it has very vibrant colors. The fit and flare open echo opening day at Disneyland in 1955. Also, nothing says summer in the real OC like a cup of Dole Whip from Disneyland. I wore yellow high heels from Sidecca.

Photo by Orohot

Hair and make up was one by one of my favorite make up artists, Miss Bella Vida. This is the fourth time I’ve worked with her. She’s wonderful to work with. She came by the house in the morning to work her magic. About two hours later, I was transformed into pitch perfect pinup. I have no idea how to do my hair and make up on my own (tiny arms and kinda can’t see anything without my glasses), so I always appreciate any chance I have working with someone skilled.

Photo by Orohot

The hair flower was a giveaway item during Pinup Parade in the Park Fall 2016.


Jared’s Outfit

Once again, Jared prides the fact that he’s the most suited gent at these events.


Diamond Deb’s Outfit

A simple poka dotted dress and shoes from Bait.


The Contest

I kinda had an idea how these things generally worked. The only pageant of pinups I’ve seen prior was Viva 19 and Viva 20. The format of the contest was each girl introduced themselves. The hostess would ask a question to the entrant. Finally, the entrant would pose for the cameras. Judging was based on poise, presence, and representation of the theme.

Prior to the contest, each finalist was given a series of questions to choose from to prepare an answer for. I originally thought we would be given any random question from the list of 26. However, it was very helpful knowing how to answer the question on stage. My first choice was “Why did you choose your outfit,” yet I got my third choice, “If your life were a movie, what would it be and why?”

I picked this movie:

And this is why:


There were close to 20 entries. Each entrant had a fan that had their number. There was a mixed variety of contestants. For a few, there were veterans who have done this before – even as many as 20 times and winning as many as five times! It wasn’t really intimidating. Everyone was generally friendly and supportive throughout the entire process.

This year’s title holder for Miss Throw Down is Natalie Noir. In second place, it was Poisoned Designs. In third place, it was Faith Friday.


Contest Photos by Diamond Deb


Miscellaneous Photos by Diamond Deb



I’m very thankful that I was able to say I’ve done a pinup contest. That’s one off my bucket list of things to do as a pinup. I would definitely do it again for the experience. Through the process, I did meet new people. Many thanks to Deb and Jared coming out for your support! I felt bad because of the heat and the long wait to get on stage. Thanks to Orohot for car show photos – this is my second car shoot and I’m very happy with how the photos came out! Many thanks to Miss Rose Lee for the video. Many thanks to the team behind Lady De Couture for hosting this event! I hope we raised enough money for children with down syndrome. It’s nice to rock pinup for an important cause.

Written by Vicky Angel | IG: @afelineofspectre | Email: scarlet.rhapsody@ymail.com

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