Halloween is an honored American tradition. Some people see it as a religious holiday, while others, including myself, see it as a celebration of free candy and box socials. As a 20something college student, the Halloween spirit has not died within me. Of course, I'm a cosplayer. I will take any oppurtunity to get dressed up and find places to go. Halloween 2005 was a very mellow event, nothing too fast paced, but nothing too slow placed. I debuted two costumes during the Halloween weekend - Kim from Miss Saigon and Christine Daae from Phantom of the Opera (thank you Amethyst Angel). Read on to see what your's truly has done this Halloween - ballroom dances and visiting a spooky house!

Saturday: October 29, 2005 

It's a Beautiful Day
"Yah Oy Vey" Con. Celebrating boy on boy love, but Traveling Valentine is celebrating...wait...what are they celebrating again? But who cares. Lea Salonga is in Milbrae!

A Question of Honor
Forget clubbin'. Nothing like a good old traditional masquerade ball to add a romantic touch to the Halloween season. Traveling Valentine attend their third Gaskell Ball in Oakland's Scottish Rite. 

Monday: October 31, 2005

Music of the Night
Eurobeat King's Winchester Mystery Meet. Cosplayers gather at the famed California tourist attraction and play at Milpitas Golfland. See Sarah Brightman and Rex Navarette in the South Bay!

Kama Sutra
Because all of you love quotes. Silly things said during the Halloween weekend. You don't have to take my word for it.

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