Comic Con International 2008 took place in its usual place in San Deigo. On July 24 - 27, 2008, the city of San Diego turned into a geek's popular culture heaven. It was one happening town. Though the convention center's shut down at 7PM (aside from major events like masquerade), the gas lamp quarter was the happening place for all night parties. Of course, one cannot miss the massive dealer's room which would take an entire day going through each and every booth, not to mention, fighting through the crowds to grab industry freebies.

Traveling Valentine was there to cover Friday through Sunday (25-27). Unfortunately, due to family emergency, Tom could not make it. Deb and Stan had to fill in to assist me covering the convention. Thanks to Kat and Dai, we were able to have lodgings at the Town and Country Inn secured. Comic Con International 2008 was a surreal awakening.

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