Classic Anime for New Fans


Classic Anime for New Fans

As anime audiences are getting younger and those who were veterans of the tape trading era are slowly disappearing from anime conventions or just have moved into other fandoms, the classics still need a voice and a place in anime convention programming whether it be the video rooms or a panel such as this one! This panel aims to educate the newer audiences, those under 25, about anime back in the day.  Find out what still stands the test of time. This panel breaks it down to different categories highlighting the best of the best ; from mecha to shoujo, slice of life to science fiction, and everything in between. Also, find out how you can support these series legally and where to find them so they don’t die out.


Convention Appearances: Fanime 2012, Katsucon 2014

Presentation Requirements: Laptop, projector, sound

Estimated Audience: Small to Medium

Grandis Granva

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