[My Fair Lady] Angelic Pretty San Francisco 6th Year Tea Party

I heard about the Angelic Pretty San Francisco 6th Year Tea Party through my Facebook feed. I was scrounging around for Lolita related events to check out in the Bay Area; I haven’t done anything with the Bay Area comm. I’m happy to have spent time with Boston, Southern California, Rhode Island, and Las Vegas comms, but I still had yet to do something with the San Francisco Bay Area. Considering that San Francisco is home to two major brands – Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright, I’d imagine the Lolita comm here would be pretty happenin’. I did not see anything for International Lolita Day listed for the San Francisco comm, however, I came across an event listing on Facebook one day for the Angelic Pretty tea party. I’d imagine that the Bay Area Lolita comm would be focusing on this much more. Designers Maki and Asuka and model Risa Nakamura would be present. The only catch was you had to wear something Angelic Pretty as part of your main coord for the tea party. Fair enough, I needed an excuse to check out the San Francisco store front.


The Coord

To get into the tea party, you had to purchase $50 minimum from the Angelic Pretty San Francisco store. I ended up stopping by the San Francisco storefront one day after work to treat myself. I have a soft spot for cat themed prints. The only dresses I own from Angelic Pretty are cat themed. I ended up getting the special set – the Princess Cat JSK in the navy colorway that came with the matching bow. For the odds and ends, I used a hime cut wig from Goth Lolita Wigs. I also use this wig with for Classy Lady Iowa from Kantai Collection. The socks are from ModCloth. The blouse is from Bodyline. The cardigan is from H&M. I don’t consider it part of the coord, but needed something to keep me warm during after hours. The shoes are from Amazon and were originally used for iDolm@ster Cinderella Girls cosplay.


The Location

The tea party was held at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. I Google Mapped this before going. It seemed like I had to pass through Chinatown to get to the location. I ended up taking Bart to Powell. I walked over from the Powell station to the Ritz Carlton. Granted, it was a bit of an uphill hike on Pine Street to Stockton Street, but my boots from Amazon fared well. The Ritz Carlton did not look like any Ritz Carlton I’ve been to before. On the outside, it feels more like a government building – like an embassy. However, the inside was very fancy lined with Christmas trees and chandeliers. We were escorted to the basement floor where we were checked in and seated for the tea party.

The Food

I wouldn’t say this was a traditional western tea party where you had your choice of tea and traditional tea treats. Think of it as a conference meal. Tea was offered upon request. I ended up ordering the chamomile tea. Most of the tea’s offered were the generic tea’s that you would typically find. I can’t complain because the experience was more with the company you were with – enjoying tea and a late lunch together dressed in frills. You also had three choices for late lunch – steak, salmon, or vegetarian. I ordered the salmon which came with asparagus, squash, and cous cous. I liked the way the salmon was seasoned. I liked the combination with the cous cous. Granted these were small portions. My friends had the steak and they found it cold. The steak came with vermicelli noodles which according to my friends could have used more flavor to them. However, I do appreciate a decent meal with friendly company


The Fashion 

There were a few interactive events during the tea party. We had the fashion show that showed off various new styles. Models from the community graced the stage with what’s in store for upcoming season. We even had a preview of one of the dress series on the rack where we could look, feel, and touch. No photos were allowed. Following the fashion show, there was a photo op with one of the designers, Asuka. Maki could not make it because she was sick and had to stay in Japan. Each table also had a free photo op with Angelic Pretty model, Risa Nakamura. The most exciting part of the tea party was the raffle. Each girl was assigned a number. Raffle prizes included gift certificates, berets, dresses, Boston bags, swan bags, etc. There were a lot of prizes to give away! Finally, Angelic Pretty announced the winner of the best dressed contest and they took home a Rose Museum JSK and other AP related swag.


Princess Cat Invasion!

If I had to pick a print that was the most represented at the tea party, it would have been Princess Cat. Even I was wearing Princess Cat! Can’t say I blame anyone – it’s one of my favorite Angelic Pretty prints.


And everyone else’s Angelic Pretty coords

In Conclusion 

I’m really glad I decided to treat myself to the Angelic Pretty tea party. I’m very glad they have done successfully out here in the states running their tiny store front on Kearny Street in the middle of San Francisco’s busy shopping district. While the food was alright, it was the socializing among the fancifully dressed that really did it for me. This was my first San Francisco Bay Area event. I’m glad that I spent it with long time friends, Cherry Tea Girl and Lynda. Additionally, I was reintroduced to someone I had met at Animation on Display back in 2005! Many thanks to Angelic Pretty for hosting this fine and fancy event. I really appreciate the swag – postcard, button, mini pouch thing (great for earrings), and 2017 desk calendar. I’m really looking forward to future Angelic Pretty events and hoping to get to know this community much better in 2017. Thank you again!

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