[Cybernetic] October 2009: Ms. Cholong’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

One of my favorite meetups when I was active in the Los Angeles doll scene was the ones done by Ms. Cholong. Ms.Cholong was a local dealer for DollHeart and Soom (?). Anytime she had an event, she would have a plethora of DollHeart outfits for sale. Suffice to say, my wallet couldn’t resist. Being a fan of DollHeart clothes, seeing the outfits and trying them on in person further convinced me to take a few home. Every month, Ms. Cholong would have a themed meet up. These photos are from the Halloween themed meet up back in October 2009. I introduced Ms. Cholong to my imzadi (who was slowly getting into doll culture at the time), Jared. In the tiny Glendale showroom, the dolls were displayed in the back. Because it was Halloween, costumes were very much encouraged. I just dressed up my girls in very generic outfits (though I forgot that Maggie and Cosette had Bleach cosplay outfits!). I had a great time, I miss this group of people – hope you’re doing well Ms Cholong!

Many thanks to Ms. Cholong, Mr. Postman, Mary, Jared, and Chikorita

Scarlet Rhapsody dolls in attendance: Marguerite (Kid Delf Nara), Cosette (MSD Mika), and Sherry (Custom House Choa)


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