[ModernLife] Ice Skating @ The Cosmopolitan

While I do go back and forth between Boston and Rhode Island for frilly fashion meet ups, it’s very rare that I have a chance to meet and socialize with people in the community during a family vacation. When I announced on my Facebook profile that my parents were thinking about going to Las Vegas for the holidays, my friend, Angelic Threads Cosplay, suggested that we should have a Lolita meet up in Las Vegas while I was in town. I’m always up for meeting new people. I also haven’t been to Vegas since CES 2011. It was very nice of the Las Vegas community to have an event while I was in town.


The Coord

I left the South Bay at around 11AM in full coord. I had no plans of being a relief driver en route to the entertainment capital of the world. I was stuffed in the backseat wearing two petticoats! I’m actually wearing my Melty Chocolate JSK replica that I got back in 2011. Though it’s a replica, I feel safer wearing it to Disneyland and meet ups that require physical activity (like ice skating!). I realized I left my lace pink OTK’s in Boston. So I just settled with wearing Victoria Secrets thigh highs and Bodyline tea party shoes. The blouse is also from Bodyline. The bag is Innocent World. The wig is the now-retired hime cut from Goth Lolita Wigs. I was quite comfortable in the back of a Benz catching up on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures and wearing frills.




Everyone’s Coords






Ice Skating @ The Cosmopolitan

Ice skating was the main event. Prior to ice skating, the girls met at the Bellagio Conservatory. We didn’t make it in time to visit the Bellagio. We just arrived in Primm as the girls were leaving the conservatory. With the help of a Cosmoplitan custodial staff, I was able to find the skating rink of the fourth floor. It looks like the outdoor pool on the fourth floor was transformed into a winter extravaganza. Skating cost about $20 with in and out privileges.

I also liked they had plastic seals where you can either ride on them or use them to help you keep balanced on the rink. Each fair lady in frills had their turn riding the seal. The rink also had fake snow – it felt more like coming home from work when a blizzard hits you in the face…but I thought it was cool.  
03-DSC02119 06-DSC02122 07-DSC02123 09-DSC02125 10-DSC02126 11-DSC02127 13-DSC02129 14-DSC02130 15-DSC02131 16-DSC02132Secret Pizza

You’re going to have to find out where this is for yourself! The girls mentioned there was a place in the Cosmopolitan called Secret Pizza. You would have to find the secret hall that wold lead you to this hole in the wall. While pizza was on the pricier side (it cost me about $16 for two slices and a coke), it was a definite need after being stuck in the car for five hours (and refusing to eat Panda Express). There were some chairs and tables outside the Secret Pizza place. I’ll say this, though the pizza was pricey, I really did like the white pizza. If you can find it (and don’t mind spending about $5-ish dollars for a slice and $4 for refillable soda), definitely check out Secret Pizza…even for bragging rights.



The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan was still a work in progress the last time I was in town. We did some walking around. A photographer at one of the in-house studios approached us and took our photos. It’s kinda hard to describe the look and feel of the Cosmopolitan – it’s very sleek and very night club-y. I do like the chandelier area (see photo below). It would have made a nice background for lolita (or cosplay!) photos.



20-DSC02136 21-DSC02137




I had a really great time with the Las Vegas community – people were generally chill and nerdy. I really liked learning about what other activities the community does and what’s the news with convention culture out there. (The last time I went to a con in Vegas was back in 2010!) Many thanks to Angelic Threads for the invite and for the community for having this ice skating event. It made up for the lack of an ice skating cosplay meet up in Boston (it turned into a cosplayers-in-the-food-court-gathering). I’m glad for social media that we can keep in contact. As someone in the Boston community once said, “The best part of Lolita is that you can make friends all over the world and have this fashion you have in common.” I hope we can meet again – and I hope to see some of you at Otakon (in Baltimore!). Keep in touch and have a happy new year!




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